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Reviewers can find process and policy resources that walk them chronologically through their review tasks, while scientific review officers can find the latest critique templates, review guidelines and policy documents. Applicants can get a sense of the key elements reviewers are looking for in their grant applications.

What's New

  • New Review Criteria for Research Project Applications Involving Clinical Trials (9/21/2017) Read More

  • Clinical Trial Requirements for Grants and Contracts (August 17, 2017) Read More

  • Updated Appendix Policy Eliminates Clinical Trial-Related Materials for Applications Submitted to Due Dates on or After Jan. 25, 2018 (August 17, 2017) Read More

  • Reducing Duplicate Commons Accounts (July 12, 2017) Read More

  • Citations of Preprints and Interim Research Products (June 19, 2017) Read More

Guidelines, Critique Templates & Review Criteria

Guidelines, Critique Templates & Review Criteria

Find reviewer guidance and resources for each type of grant program.