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Training and Other Resources

Resources and training on many aspects of rigor and reproducibility, including sex as a biological variable, research methods, reviewer guidance and more.


General Policy Overview

Describes the issues of rigor and transparency and why NIH developed the policy, summarizes updates to grant application instructions and review language, and identifies resources available to meet staff needs 

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Module 1: General Policy Overview
Beginning with applications due on January 25, 2019 the application instructions and review criteria will be clarified to replace the term “scientific premise” with the term "rigor of the prior research". Please note that this video uses the term “scientific premise,” which should now be understood as “rigor of the prior research.”
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NIGMS Clearinghouse for Training Modules to Enhance Data Reproducibility

Focus on integral aspects of rigor and reproducibility such as lack of transparent, blinding and randomization, biological and technical replicates and exclusion criteria

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Module 2: Blinding and Randomization
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Discussion Material

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Module 3: Sample Size, Outliers, and Exclusion Criteria
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Module 4: Biological and Technical Replicates
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NIH Office of Research on Women's Health: Methods & Techniques for Integrating Sex into Research  Link to Non-U.S. Government Site - Click for Disclaimer

Expert interviews and workshop presentations on how to incorporate sex to strengthen scientific design


Reviewer Guidance



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