Upload Revised Critiques and Criterion Scores


After the meeting, it is crucial that reviewers update their critiques as well as the criterion scores so they reflect the final scores/comments from the meeting. If your scores and comments did not change as a result of the discussion, it is not necessary to update them after the meeting.

  • Reviewers will have until the end of the ‘Edit Phase’ in IAR to update their critiques and criterion scores.
  • To update a critique, edit the critique Word document and then upload it into IAR. This will override the previous critique. Do not delete the previous critique.
  • When you upload the critique, you will also be able to update the criterions scores. You cannot update the ‘Preliminary/Overall Impact’ score since it was submitted at the meeting.

Basic Task


eRA Video Tutorial

Reviewers: Submitting Critiques and Preliminary Scores (Video; 4:11 minutes) — July 21, 2016  Link to Non-U.S. Government Site - Click for Disclaimer

Brief eRA video tutorial that provides instructions on submitting critiques and criterion scores.