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NIH typically awards grants to organization, not individuals.*

You must complete multiple registrations in order to submit a grant application.

Most registrations pertain to your organization and the organization representative responsible for owning and maintaining your organization information. However, investigators and others must also be registered in eRA Commons to perform specific tasks. 

  • Organization/Organization Representative Registration - Your organization representatives are responsible for ensuring the various organization registrations needed to apply for grant funding are in place and active. NIH recommends starting the organization registration process six weeks prior to your deadline to allow plenty of time to address unforeseen issues along the way.
  • Investigators and Other Individual User Registration - Some of the individuals named on a grant application (e.g., project director/principal investigator) must be registered in eRA Commons and their valid credentials must be included in the application in order to successfully submit. If an application is awarded, additional accounts for personnel on the grant will be needed for reporting purposes.


* In rare cases (e.g.,  Loan Repayment Program), an individual who is not affiliated with a research organization may need to register. See Special Instructions for Unaffiliated/Independent Applicants.

This page last updated on March 11, 2021
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