Check for Conflicts in Applications

It is very important that reviewer conflicts with an application are identified in a timely manner.  If you have a potential conflict that is not covered in the links below or are unsure if it is a true conflict of interest (COI), please contact the Scientific Review Officer (SRO).

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General Resources

Pre-Meeting COI

About the Recruitment Phase

The Recruitment Phase module allows invited reviewers to check for conflicts of interest through eRA Commons/IAR. Potential reviewers can view lists of key personnel and application abstracts, and sign pre-meeting certification forms. SROs can view all the potential conflicts and contact reviewers who specify possible (uncertain) conflicts, to decide who can participate in the peer review meeting and who can review specific applications. If your SRO opts to use IAR’s Recruitment Phase, you will receive a system generated email after you agree to serve as an invited peer reviewer.

Basic Tasks


eRA Video Tutorial
Reviewers: Checking Conflict of Interest in IAR (eRA video tutorial; 8:47 min; November 7, 2014) Link to Non-U.S. Government Site - Click for Disclaimer
A tutorial that walks reviewers through checking conflicts of interest with grant applications in IAR and signing the pre and post-meeting Conflict of Interest certifications.


Meeting COI

If you discover a conflict of interest at the meeting, inform the SRO immediately.

Post Meeting COI

Basic Tasks