Training Resources - NIH Clinical Trial Policies

Learn about training opportunities and use the resources below to help spread the word about NIH's clinical trial policies. We will be posting a number of additional resources soon, so check back frequently!

Upcoming Training

Wednesday Oct 18 - Single IRB and Exception Process Webinar

Slide Decks

Feel free to use these slides for your own outreach. Use just a slide or two or the whole deck.

Presentation on rationale: NIH Clinical Trials and Transparency Reforms. Why the Changes?

16 slides

PowerPoint (6MB)

Brief overview presentation Doing Human Subject Research? Changing NIH Policies May Impact You. 
13 slides
PowerPoint (1.7 MB)
Full length presentation: Doing Human Subject Research? Changing NIH Policies May Impact You.
31 slides PowerPoint (1.3 MB)


2 Sided Flyer
This flyer highlights the definition of a clinical trial and provides a brief summary of clinical trial policy changes.

Human Subjects/Clinical Trial Questionnaire 

Use this questionnaire to help your team answer the question, "Does your human subjects research study meet the NIH definition of a clinical trial?"
                              Your human subjects study may meet the NIH definition of a clinical trial.



Sometimes a simple explanation with a video is all you need. We are planning a series of videos. This page will be updated with our plans very soon.

Overview of New NIH Policies on Human Subjects Research


15 minutes

A Walk Through the PHS Human Subject and Clinical Trial Information Form      Duration
 9 min 

Email from Dr. Mike Lauer, NIH Deputy Director for Extramural Research, to Grantee Community

Direct email to NIH PIs, recent applicants, and research administrators August 11, 2017