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Find Help

Are you concerned about harassment, including sexual harassment, discrimination, and other forms of inappropriate conduct that can result in a hostile work environment at your institution?  Help is available from your local police department, your institution’s Equal Employment Opportunity or Human Resources office, the HHS Office for Civil Rights, and the NIH.  Learn how these organizations can help.

Since NIH is not a law enforcement agency, we strongly encourage people to report allegations of harassment or assault to the appropriate authorities.
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Local Police Department

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Your Organization’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) or Human Resources Offices

Every university or institution that receives Federal financial assistance must have a Title IX Coordinator on staff. The coordinator is a resource who can answer questions, address concerns, or be a contact to file a complaint.

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U.S Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights

Individuals with questions, concerns or complaints related to any of the civil rights laws are encouraged to contact the HHS Office for Civil Rights.

Contact information for federal civil rights protections can also be found on the Fact Sheet for NIH Grantees: Know Your Rights - Federal Civil Rights Protections

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National Institutes of Health

If there are concerns that harassment, including sexual harassment, discrimination, or other forms of inappropriate conduct that can result in a hostile work environment is affecting an NIH-funded project, we want to know about it. Notification may be done anonymously. Learn what to expect when notifying NIH.


Notify NIH

Or contact us by phone at (301) 480-6701.


If you are an institutional official handling an incident(s) of harassment involving key personnel on a specific NIH award, report using the Notify NIH button above, and see information on Institutional Reporting to learn about the reporting process.

While NIH can and will follow up on all concerns related to NIH-funded research, we do not intervene in personnel matters at other organizations.

Questions may be directed to

Awardee institutional representatives seeking clarity on expectations and requirements that apply to NIH awards: send questions to
Media inquiries: please contact either the NIH Office of Communications and Public Liaison or the NIH Office of Extramural Research.