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Pre-Award and Post-Award Processes

Learn what happens between the time that your application is reviewed and the award is made, as well as what's required for post-award monitoring and reporting.

Pre-Award Process

Pre-Award Process

Communication is key between applicants and NIH staff during the pre-award process. Learn about information we may ask you to submit just-in-time for possible funding, what NIH staff will be reviewing in your application prior to award (level of effort, indirect costs, etc.), and how we work with the applicant to negotiate the details of the final award. 

Post Award Monitoring and Reporting

Post-Award Monitoring and Reporting

After the award comes the research — and also the reporting. NIH and grantees both need to ensure federal funds are responsibly used. Hence, grantees must communicate with NIH regularly, submitting required reports on scientific progress of the grant, financial expenditures, invention reports, and more. NIH staff evaluate these reports and may even make site visits to ensure projects are on track and being managed appropriately.   Read on for a high level overview of these post-award monitoring and reporting activities. 

This page last updated on March 15, 2017
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