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Submit a Changed/Corrected Application

If our eRA systems have already processed an application with the same funding opportunity number, PD/PI Commons ID, project title, submitting organization and due date, then you must submit a “Changed/Corrected Application” to modify your submission.

Changed/corrected applications are most often submitted to correct errors and/or warnings listed in eRA Commons but can be used to address other issues as well (e.g., discovered wrong version of an attachment was used). If an application image was generated in eRA Commons, remember to reject Link to Non-U.S. Government Site - Click for Disclaimer that application before submitting your Changed/Corrected application to avoid multiple applications moving forward to NIH staff.

Changed/corrected applications can only be made within the two-business day application viewing window. It is very important that your corrective submissions are made prior to the submission deadline (5 p.m. your local time on the due date) even when the viewing window extends beyond the deadline. Submissions made after the deadline will overwrite the previous submission, are subject to our Late Applications Policy, and are rarely accepted.

Follow these steps to submit a changed/corrected application to

  1. Access your completed application forms using your chosen Submission Option (ASSIST, Workspace, or institutional submission system) and make any needed corrections.
    • ASSIST users: You must put your application in Work In Progress status in order to edit your forms.
    • Workspace users: Your Workspace Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) or Workspace Owner must Reopen the Workspace in order to edit forms.
  2. Check the "Changed/Corrected Application" box in item #1 of the SF 424 (R&R) form.
    • Note:  A changed/corrected application is distinct from a Resubmission application (item #8) that addresses reviewer feedback from a prior submission.
  3. Provide the tracking number (e.g., GRANT12345678) in the Previous Tracking ID field. 
  4. If you are submitting your changed/corrected application after the due date, include a cover letter documenting your reason for a late submission. NIH makes no guarantees that applications submitted after the due date will be accepted. Refer to our Late Applications Policy for more information. 
  5. Once you have made all your corrections, save the changed/corrected application. 
  6. The Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) submits the changed/corrected application to 
  7. Track the changed/corrected application through to the eRA Commons to view the application image or the errors/warnings received during the validation process. Successful submission could take several rounds of changes, since correcting one error may reveal an additional error.