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Electronic Research Administration (eRA)

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Provides electronic systems support to manage the receipt, processing, review, award, and monitoring of billions of dollars worth of research and non-research grants awarded annually. These grants are funded by NIH (in support of the mission of improving human health) and eRA’s partner agencies.


eRA’s vision is to be a vital partner in advancing NIH’s efforts — to increase the healthy life expectancy of all people and reduce the burdens of illness and disability—by facilitating the funding of medical research through its grants systems.

Senior Leadership:

Director: Inna Faenson
Contact: Angela Hester

Chief Operating Officer: Jim Seach

Special Assistant to the Director: Sara Silver

Director, Division of Information Technology: Patti Gaines

Director, Division of Technical and Strategic Coordination: Adrian Gutierrez

Director, Division of Customer Support Services: Alina Tretyak

Information Systems Security Officer: Tom Mason


Division of Information Technology (DIT)

Division of Customer Support Services (DCSS)

Division of Administrative, Technical and Strategic Coordination (DATSC)

Contact Us:

Inna Faenson
Rockledge 1, Room 2202
(301) 435-4658