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What Happens if there is a Finding of Research Misconduct?

If an individual involved in NIH funded research is found to have committed research misconduct, the administrative actions that may be taken against this person may include, but are not limited to:

  • debarment from eligibility to receive Federal funds for grants and contracts
  • prohibition from service on Public Health Service (PHS) advisory committees, peer review committees, or as consultants
  • certification of information sources by the respondent that is forwarded by the institution
  • certification of data by the institution
  • imposition of supervision on the respondent by the institution
  • submission of a correction of published articles by the respondent
  • submission of a retraction of published articles by the respondent

Is there an appeals process?

Yes. The process for contesting a decision is outlined in 42 CFR Part 93, Subpart E Link to External Site (PDF - 52 KB). For more on appeals, please see the Hearings Link to External Site page on the ORI Web site.

The institution (recipient) may impose additional penalties on the individual which may include loss of employment.

Please also read NIH Grants Policy Statement section 4.1.27 on research misconduct and recipient responsibilities.