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What can be done to Promote Research Integrity?

Here are some suggestions:


As Researchers

  • Endeavor to uphold the shared values in your work and in your conduct
  • Adhere to good scientific practices & ensure scientific rigor

As Mentors

  • Set good examples for mentees: provide meaningful guidance for conduct and standards expected of scientists
  • Be attentive to mentees; Be ready to confront and correct aberrant behavior

As Junior Researchers

  • Know and uphold the shared values in scientific research
  • Keep good scientific records
  • Know and understand your institution's policies, standards and expectations on research

As Science Administrators

  • Annunciate clearly policies, standards and expectations for researchers and staff
  • Provide education and support to researchers to promote responsible conduct of research (RCR)
  • Establish transparent procedures for receiving and investigating scientific misconduct

As Members of the public

  • Demand responsible conduct in scientific research
  • Demand accountability from the scientific community


Everyone has a role and responsibility to play in promoting a healthy and positive research culture that is conducive to the training of young scientists and the realization of scientific innovations for the benefits of humankind.

For more information on Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), please visit the website of the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) at to External Site

Watch ORI's "The Lab Link to External Site - Avoiding Research Misconduct"

Read the InterAcademy Council's Policy Report on "Responsible Conduct in the Global Research EnterpriseLink to External Site

This page last updated on November 29, 2018
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