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NIH provides semi-annual updates on foreign interference cases.

Outcomes of NIH Foreign Interference Cases

Values shown are for cases in which NIH Staff have contacted the Institution. FCOI = financial conflict of interest. Values shown are Number (%).

Outcome Number
Total N (%) 246 (100.0)
Undisclosed  Affiliation 208 (84.9)
Undisclosed  Grant Support 171 (69.8)
Undisclosed Talents Award 130 (53.1)
Undisclosed Equity, Patent, or SFI  44 (17.9)
Any Serious Violation  208 (84.6)
No Violation 14 (5.7)
Termination or Resignation 103 (41.9)
Institutional  Exclusion from Grants 53 (21.5)
Removed from Grants 156 (63.4)
Removed from Peer  Review  193 (78.5)
Compliance Review Open  142 (57.7)

Table above reproduced from the Brief Summary of NIH Foreign Interference Cases (December 11, 2022). View the report to learn more about the source of allegations and more.