The Future of Animal Law: ILAR Roundtable Workshop & Pre-Workshop Webcast.

Understanding laboratory animal law is necessary and fundamental for all researchers relying on results from animal research, as well as for laboratory animal veterinarians, institutional officials, members of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUCs), and veterinarians in training. Both the scope and particulars of these laws are important. Those interested in or impacted by the laboratory animal laws can have significantly different perspectives about the scope or efficiency of the regulations or their implementation.

NIH will Make the Project Outcomes Section of all Interim and Final RPPRs Submitted on or After October 1, 2017 Available via the NIH RePORTER

Program officials should help PIs understand that these outcomes should:
  • Be written for the general public in clear and concise language
  • Be suitable for dissemination to the general public
  • Not include proprietary, confidential information or trade secrets
  • Not be more than half a page

OLAW Webinar on December 7 – Adverse Events at Research Facilities

Join OLAW for a webinar “Adverse Events at Research Facilities” on December 7, from 1:00 to 2:00 pm ET. In this webinar, Swapna Mohan, DVM, PhD, Division of Policy and Education, OLAW, will talk about a variety of adverse events that can endanger the health and welfare of research animals, provide steps that you can take to mitigate your risks, and highlight some of the issues that have been reported to OLAW.