SCAW IACUC Training Workshop: June 5, Augusta, GA

The Scientists Center for Animal Welfare (SCAW) will present an IACUC Training Workshop on June 5, 2018, in Augusta, GA. SCAW’s IACUC Training Workshop educates and trains individuals who work with laboratory animals in research, testing and education. They include IACUC members and administrators, Principal Investigators, veterinarians, regulatory personnel and laboratory animal care staff. The regional workshop format lets small groups discuss specific topics that are relevant to IACUC functions.

Symposium on Social Housing of Laboratory Animals: June 4-5, Beltsville, MD

The 5th Annual Symposium on Social Housing of Laboratory Animals will be held June 4-5, 2018, in Beltsville, MD. The goal of this symposium series is to bring together experts in the behavior and science of laboratory animal species to exchange information with scientists, IACUC members, veterinarians, and animal care technicians about the welfare needs of social laboratory animal species and the means to achieve optimal social housing conditions in a variety of settings.

USDA AWIC Workshop: May 9-10, Beltsville, MD

Meeting the Information Requirements of the Animal Welfare Act: A Workshop
May 9-10, 2018 | Beltsville, MD
The USDA Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC) teaches a one and a half day workshop at the National Agricultural Library (NAL) in Beltsville, MD, for individuals who are responsible for providing information to meet the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The workshop is targeted for principal investigators, members of IACUCs, information providers, administrators of animal use programs, and veterinarians.