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Academic Career Award

Purpose of the Award

  • Supports senior-career individuals interested in introducing or improving curricula in a particular scientific field as a means of enhancing the educational or research capacity at the recipient institution
  • Supports junior-career individuals who are interested in developing academic and research expertise


  • New: NOT-OD-20-033
    • Program Plan attachment – candidates expected to address, as applicable, new research skills they plan to acquire in rigorous research design, experimental methods, quantitative approaches, and data analysis and interpretation.
    • Applicants for diversity-related career development programs expected to attach a Description of Candidate’s Contribution to Program Goals.


K07 Development Award:
  • Must be a junior-career investigator who is interested in developing academic and research expertise in a particular health-related field, as a way to increase the overall pool of individuals capable of research or teaching in the identified area
  • During the period of the award, the candidate will become a successful academic researcher in the chosen area (including learning research, teaching, and leadership skills)
K07 Leadership Award:
  • Must be a senior-career investigator who is interested in improving the curricula and enhancing the health-related research capacity within an academic institution
  • Must have acknowledged scientific expertise and leadership skills and sufficient clinical training, research, or teaching experience in the academic area of interest to an NIH awarding component to implement a program of curriculum development within the sponsoring institution
  • Support under this award is expected increase the visibility and the overall research support or academic capacity for the given field of research within the academic medical/health and research community

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