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Midcareer Investigator Award in Patient Oriented Research (POR)

Purpose of the Award

  • Provides support to clinician or mid-career health-professional doctorates or equivalent who are typically at the Associate Professor level or equivalent for protected time
  • Supports protected time for investigators to devote to patient-oriented research (POR) and to act as research mentors primarily for clinical residents, clinical fellows and/or junior clinical faculty, especially K23 grantees
  • Increases the pool of clinical researchers who can conduct patient-oriented research, who will be able to successfully compete for peer-reviewed grants, and who will mentor the next generation of clinical investigators


  • New: NOT-OD-20-033
    • Program Plan attachment – candidates expected to address, as applicable, new research skills they plan to acquire in rigorous research design, experimental methods, quantitative approaches, and data analysis and interpretation.
    • Applicants for diversity-related career development programs expected to attach a Description of Candidate’s Contribution to Program Goals.


  • Usually mid-career clinical investigators at the Associate Professor level or the equivalent
  • Must have their own independent peer-reviewed research support in POR and be available as mentors in POR
  • A K24 award recipient who continues to have an independent peer-reviewed patient- oriented research program and continues to provide mentoring to new investigators can continue to contribute to the overall goals of the program after being promoted to Full Professor


  •  POR is defined as research conducted with human subjects (or on material of human origin such as tissues, specimens and cognitive phenomena) for which an investigator directly interacts with human subjects.

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