- User Registration

Purpose of is a website for finding and applying to funding opportunities from all federal agencies. In order to submit a grant application, your organization must have at least one person registered in who has been given the Authorized Organization Representative role (AOR).

Who Needs to Be Registered?
  • Anyone who submits grant application on behalf of your organization
  • Anyone working in Workspace to prepare your application
Before Registering

Speak with your administrative officials to determine the DUNS number your organization uses for grants. It would be the DUNS provided during organization registration in SAM and eRA Commons.

Also, make sure the electronic business point of contact (EBiz POC) established during SAM registration is available to approve your registration request.

How to Register a New User
  • applicant users must create an account Link to Non-U.S. Government Site - Click for Disclaimer in using the DUNS number used for SAM registration.
  • After receiving the registration request, will send an email to the EBiz POC indicating a user has requested access.
  • The EBIZ POC must login to and assign the appropriate roles for the registered user.
Where to Find Help
How long does it take to register?
Although applicant accounts are immediately available after submitting a request, you can’t submit an application or perform other tasks within until the EBIZ POC assigns the appropriate account roles. If the EBIZ POC is responsive, your account can be fully functional the same day it is created.