The Modular Research Grant Proposal: Features at a Glance

  • Applies to research grant applications requesting up to $250,000 direct costs per year.

  • Request total direct costs in modules of $25,000, reflecting appropriate support for the project. There will be no future year escalations.

  • A typical modular grant application will request the same number of modules in each year.

  • Provide budget narrative regarding all Personnel by position, role, and level of effort. This includes consultants, personnel on any Consortium/Contractual arrangement and any "to be appointed" positions.

  • Include a total cost estimate for any Consortium/Contractual arrangements.

  • Additional narrative budget justification will be required in the application only if there is a variation in the number of modules requested.

  • Describe specific aims of research projects ongoing or completed during the last three years as part of the Biographical Sketch. The Biographical Sketch will be limited to five pages.

  • SRG Recommended adjustments of the budget in modules.

  • Request Other Support information "just-in-time" to determine overlap for likely award candidates.

  • Request (prior to award) additional budget justification "just-in-time" only in exceptional circumstances.

  • Award at SRG recommended or Institute's cost management plan level, taking other support into account.

  • Make non-categorical, total direct cost awards.

  • Eliminate the 25% rebudgeting requirement.

  • Permit all types of administrative supplemental awards.

  • Checklist to be submitted with the application.

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