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You are here Rejection Notice for Application - Invalid AOR

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 10:13 AM
To: Vemula, Kavitha
Subject: GRANT10572533 Rejection Notice for Application

Dear Applicant:

Your submission was received on  15-Feb-11 10:13:25 AM, ET  .
However, it contained the following errors and cannot be forwarded to the granting agency. The following errors were detected:

Error: You are not designated by your organization to be an Authorized Organizational Representative and your application cannot be validated. You either have not successfully completed the registration process or your E-Business Point of Contact has not authorized you to submit on behalf of your organization. To verify whether you have been successfully registered with, click  For instructions on how to register with and for information on being designated as an AOR, click
The DUNS number entered in your package is invalid or does not match the DUNS number that is registered with the Central Contractor Registry (CCR). Please verify that the DUNS number is entered correctly, and is the same as in your Central Contractor Registry (CCR) registration. For instructions on how to register with the CCR, click
Please correct the above error(s) and resubmit your application to

      DUNS Number: 0000000000000
      AOR name: Marwan  Abu-Fadel
      Application Name:  Organization only
      Opportunity Number: 03272011-KV-1
      Opportunity Name: 03272011-KV-1

Thank you. 

If you have questions please contact the 
Contact Center: 
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Closed on federal holidays. 

PLEASE NOTE: This email is for notification purposes only. Please do not reply to this email for any purpose.
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