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What’s New in Review - Archive

Reducing Duplicate Commons Accounts (July 12, 2017)
Heads up! eRA Commons/IAR users with more than one account will get an email in late July to log in and verify their preferred account. Multiple accounts will be combined into one account, important, for example, for ensuring you get credit for identification of reviewer service for continuous submission.

If an eRA Commons user selects the account that already includes the IAR role as his/her preferred account, there will be no effect. If he/she chooses another account as primary — all of the meetings, review assignments, etc., will be transferred to the account to be kept, and the reviewer will sign in to IAR using the ‘new’ preferred account. See Nexus article.

Citations of Preprints and Interim Research Products (June 19, 2017)
Reviewers may see interim research products, such as preprints, in grant applications, as NIH is encouraging investigators to include these products to speed the dissemination and enhance the rigor of their work. See NOT-OD-17-050 .

  • Applications submitted for the May 25, 2017 due date and thereafter may include citations to interim research products.
  • Interim research products are complete, public research products that are not final, and have not undergone peer review prior to posting.
    • Common forms are the preprint and preregistered protocol.
    • Interim research products may be similar in quality to preliminary data in an application research plan.   
  • The citation must include a Digital Object Identifier, the Object type, and version.
  • Citations must link to established repositories; citations of website URL’s is not acceptable.
  • Citations of preprints and interim research products are not acceptable as post-submission materials.

Nov. 18, 2016

July 19, 2016