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P42 Research Program Projects and Centers Hazardous Substances Basic Research Grants Program (NIEHS) To support basic research directed towards understanding and attenuating the public health effects resulting from exposure to hazardous substances, including 1) advanced techniques for detection, assessment and evaluation of the effects on human health of hazardous substances; 2) methods to assess risks to human health presented by hazardous substances; 3) methods and technologies to detect hazardous substances in the environment and 4) basic biological, chemical, and physical methods to reduce the amount and toxicity of hazardous substances. This special program, authorized under Superfund legislation, is for a broadly based, multi-disciplinary research effort which must include biomedical research components and which may include research components related to engineering, hydrogeology, ecology and epidemiology so long as they are linked to basic biomedical science. Each research project is generally under the leadership of an established investigator. The grant can provide support for certain basic resources used by the groups in the program (cores), including an administrative structure for effective coordination.  

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