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List of smaller grants & awards that maintain ESI status

An investigator will retain their Early Stage Investigator status if they receive any of the smaller research grants, training, infrastructure, and career awards that appear on this list:

Research Grants

  • Pathway to Independence Award-Research Phase (R00)
  • Small Grant (R03)
  • Academic Research Enhancement Award (R15, UA5)
  • Research Excellence Award (R16)
  • Exploratory/Developmental Grant (R21)
  • Research Education Grants (R25, R90, RL9, RL5)
  • Clinical Trial Planning Grant (R34)
  • Dissertation Award (R36)
  • Small Business Technology Transfer Grant-Phase I (R41, UT1)
  • Small Business Technology Transfer Grant - Phase II (R42, UT2)
  • Small Business Innovation Research Grant - Phase I (R43, U43)
  • Small Business Innovation Research Grant - Phase II (R44, U44)
  • Research Specialist Award (R50)
  • Shannon Award (R55)
  • NIH High Priority, Short-Term Project Award (R56)
  • Phase 1 Exploratory/Development Grant (R61)
  • Linked Exploratory/Development Grant (RL2)
  • Commercialization Readiness Program (SB1)
  • Competitive Research Pilot Projects (SC2, SC3)
  • Scientific Review and Evaluation Cooperative Agreement (U09)
  • Planning Cooperative Agreement (U34)
  • Resource Access Award (X01)
  • Pre-application (X02)
  • Phased awards and ESI status: For phased awards, the activity code of both phases must be listed on this page for a PD/PI to retain ESI status. For example, transitioning to the R33 phase of an R21/R33 or R61/R33 phased award disqualifies PD/PIs from ESI status since R33 is not considered a smaller research grant and is not listed on this page. 

Training-Related and Mentored Career Awards

  • International Research Training Planning Grant (D71)
  • All Fellowships (F awards)
  • All individual and institutional career awards (K awards)    
  • Loan repayment contracts (L30, L32, L40, L50, L60)
  • Mentored Research Pathway in Residency (R38)
  • All training grants (D43, T32, T34, T35, T90, TL4)

Instrumentation, Construction, Education, Health Disparity Endowment Grants, or Meeting Awards

  • Resource Facilities Construction Grant (C06)
  • Resources Improvement Grant (G07)
  • Resources Project Grant (G08)
  • Extramural Associate Research Development Award (G11)
  • Health Sciences Publication Support Awards (G13)
  • Grants for Repair, Renovation and Modernization of Existing Research Facilities (G20)
  • Conference (R13, U13)
  • Biomedical Research Support shared Instrumentation Grants (S10)
  • Small Instrumentation Grant (S15)
  • Research and Institutional Resources Health Disparities Endowment Grants - Capacity Building (S21)
  • Research and Student Resources Health Disparities Endowment Grants - Educational Programs (S22)
  • Construction Cooperative Agreement (UC6)


  • Prize/Challenge Phase I (PC1)
  • Prize/Challenge Phase II (PC2)
  • Pre-Application for an Other Transaction Award (OT1)
  • Research Project-Other Transaction Award (OT2)
  • Other Transaction Multiple-Component Research Award (OT3)
  • R&D Contracts