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List of smaller grants & awards that maintain ESI status

This page was last updated on 10/21/2019

An investigator will retain their Early Stage Investigator status if they receive any of the smaller research grants, training, infrastructure, and career awards that appear on this list:

Research Grants

  • Pathway to Independence Award-Research Phase (R00)
  • Small Grant (R03)
  • Academic Research Enhancement Award (R15)
  • Exploratory/Developmental Grant (R21)
  • Research Education Grants (R25, R90, RL9, RL5)
  • Clinical Trial Planning Grant (R34)
  • Dissertation Award (R36)
  • Small Business Technology Transfer Grant-Phase I (R41, UT1)
  • Small Business Technology Transfer Grant - Phase II (R42, UT2)
  • Small Business Innovation Research Grant - Phase I (R43, U43)
  • Small Business Innovation Research Grant - Phase II (R44, U44)
  • Research Specialist Award (R50)
  • Shannon Award (R55)
  • NIH High Priority, Short-Term Project Award (R56)
  • Phase 1 Exploratory/Development Grant (R61)
  • Linked Exploratory/Development Grant (RL2)
  • Commercialization Readiness Program (SB1)
  • Competitive Research Pilot Projects (SC2, SC3)
  • Scientific Review and Evaluation Cooperative Agreement (U09)
  • Planning Cooperative Agreement (U34)
  • Resource Access Award (X01)
  • Pre-application (X02)

Training-Related and Mentored Career Awards

  • International Research Training Planning Grant (D71)
  • All Fellowships (F awards)
  • All individual and institutional career awards (K awards)    
  • Loan repayment contracts (L30, L32, L40, L50, L60)
  • Mentored Research Pathway in Residency (R38)
  • All training grants (T32, T34, T35, T90, D43)

Instrumentation, Construction, Education, Health Disparity Endowment Grants, or Meeting Awards

  • Resource Facilities Construction Grant (C06)
  • Resources Improvement Grant (G07)
  • Resources Project Grant (G08)
  • Extramural Associate Research Development Award (G11)
  • Health Sciences Publication Support Awards (G13)
  • Grants for Repair, Renovation and Modernization of Existing Research Facilities (G20)
  • Conference (R13, U13)
  • Biomedical Research Support shared Instrumentation Grants (S10)
  • Small Instrumentation Grant (S15)
  • Research and Institutional Resources Health Disparities Endowment Grants - Capacity Building (S21)
  • Research and Student Resources Health Disparities Endowment Grants - Educational Programs (S22)
  • Construction Cooperative Agreement (UC6)


  • Prize/Challenge Phase I (PC1)
  • Prize/Challenge Phase II (PC2)
  • Pre-Application for an Other Transaction Award (OT1)
  • Research Project-Other Transaction Award (OT2)
  • Other Transaction Multiple-Component Research Award (OT3)
This page last updated on October 21, 2019
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