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Continuous Submission

As part of our continuing commitment to recognize outstanding service in the NIH peer review process and on NIH Advisory Groups, and to minimize disincentives to such service, the NIH has implemented policy and procedures to allow appointed members of NIH review and Advisory Groups to submit their research grant applications (R01, R21, or R34) on a continuous basis and to have those applications undergo initial peer review in a timely manner.

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Policy Announcements

  • NOT-OD-20-060 (01/24/2020) - Update of NIH Continuous Submission Policy: Change in Submission Deadlines and End of Recent Substantial Service Option

Continuous Submission Application Receipt Periods by Council Round

Excerpt from NOT-OD-20-060. See full notice for applicability and eligibility details.

For the Advisory
Council Round:

Standard Application Due Dates

Continuous Submission Non-AIDS Application Receipt Period Ends


R21, R34

R01, R21, R34


October 5

November 5

October 16

November 16

December 10


February 5

March 5

February 16

March 16

April 10


June 5

July 5

June 16

July 16

August 10


For the Advisory
Council Round:

AIDS Application Due Dates

Continuous Submission AIDS
Application Receipt Period Ends

R01, R21, R34

R01, R21, R34


January 7

February 1


May 7

June 1


September 7

October 1

For example, a non-AIDS R01 application due October 5 for May Council review may be submitted by a continuous submission-eligible PD/PI through December 10. Applications received on or after December 11 will be assigned to October Council for second level review and funding consideration.

How to check your Continuous Submission eligibility

Instructions on how to check your Continuous Submission eligibility through your Commons account.

List of Reviewers Eligible for Continuous Submission

Individuals may determine their eligibility for the continuous submission option, by accessing the list below. Because of the potential for multiple reviewers to have the same name, please check your Commons profile to confirm your individual eligibility. The term of eligibility is shown after the name.

Frequently Asked Questions

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