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NIH Instructions for Progress Reports for Multi-year Funded (MYF) Awards


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What is a multi-year funded (MYF) award?
A multi-year funded (MYF) award is not funded in budget years but funded in full at the start of the project period from a single fiscal year appropriation. The project period and the budget period are the same in a multi-year funded (MYF) award and are longer than one year. Some examples of activity codes that NIH traditionally uses for multi-year funding awards are C06, DP2, DP3, DP4, R15, R55, RC3, RC4, RF1, UA5, UC4, UC6, and UF1.

How to Submit, Due Dates, and Reporting Period

How do I submit a MYF Progress Report?

Information on the content of a MYF progress report and instructions on how to submit the report through the eRA Commons are posted at /grants/rppr/rppr_instruction_guide.pdf. The multi-year research performance progress report (MYRPPR) link to upload the report will be available two months before the anniversary date of the award, on the eRA Commons Status search page in the folder “List of Applications/Grants” in the “Action” column. Progress reports for MYF awards must be completed by the PD/PI, and then submitted by a Signing Official (SO) or a PD/PI with delegated authority from the SO to submit a progress report. 

When are RPPRs for MYF awards due and when is the reporting period?

RPPRs for MYF awards are due annually. The reporting period for a MYF progress report is the calendar year preceding the anniversary date of the award. For example, if an award is made on 04/01/2021, the MYF progress report is due on or before 04/01/2022 and should report on the activities performed under the award between 04/01/2021 and 03/31/2022. For the subsequent year the MYF progress report will be due 04/01/2023 and should report on the activities performed under the award between 04/01/2022 and 03/31/2023.

Is an RPPR required during a no-cost extension of a MYF award?
Generally, no. A progress report is not required if the MYF award is in a no-cost extension period unless specifically required by the funding institute or center. 

Post Submission of MYF RPPR

What will happen after an MYF RPPR is submitted?
Upon submission of the RPPR through the eRA Commons, the awarding IC will be notified of the submission via e-mail. The IC Program and Grants Management Officials will review the report and request any additional information as appropriate.

Will there be any communication back to the recipient or PD/PI that the RPPR has been accepted?
Not routinely. As noted above, there may be some follow-up communication if additional information is needed. However, unless follow-up is needed for additional information, the RPPR is considered complete and accepted.