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How to check your Continuous Submission eligibility

Open your Commons Account. Click on the “Personal Profile” tab, scroll down to “Reviewer Information”, and click on the “VIEW” icon to expand this section. There are two Continuous Submission sections: the top one is for appointed members of NIH Study Sections, National Advisory Councils/Boards, Board of Scientific Councilors, and Policy Advisory Committees. Most people know if they are an appointed member of such a group; clicking on this link will show you the dates of your current appointment.

*** NOTE: The other section is “Eligibility for Continuous Submission based on recent substantial service”. This section is now obsolete since the recent substantial service program has been terminated. ***

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Continuous Submission eligibility by appointment to a chartered NIH study section, National Advisory Council/Board, NIH Board of Scientific Counselors or NIH Policy Advisory Committee; the appointment is made by the Director, NIH, the Director, NCI, or the Secretary, DHHS. If you are such an appointed member, clicking on “Eligibility for Continuous Submission based on current appointed membership”, will show you something like this:

Note: All screen shots are from online help: