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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Information for NIH Applicants and Recipients of NIH Funding

As of May 11, 2023, the HHS declared public health emergency for COVID-19 is terminated.

NIH will no longer issue Emergency Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFOs) related to COVID-19. Ongoing emergency awards will not be impacted and will retain all existing emergency flexibilities for the remainder of the current competitive segment.

Please contact the Program and Grants Management Officials listed in the NOFO or on the Notice of Award with questions about specific grant projects.

See page update history.

On This Page:


  • NOT-OD-23-095: Expiration of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

Proposal Submission & Award Management

  • Contracts
    • Contracts must be handled on a case-by-case basis. Details regarding any contract must be directed to the cognizant Contracting Officer. Salary changes must be handled by the contracting officer.
  • Application Preparation 
    • NOT-OD-23-067: Clarification and Guidance for Applicants Preparing Applications for the Spring 2023 Due Dates During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Post-Submission Materials
    • NOT-OD-23-106: Revising the NIH/AHRQ/NIOSH Post-Submission Material Policy
    • NOT-OD-23-066: Extending the Special Exception to the NIH/AHRQ/NIOSH Post-Submission Material Policy During the COVID-19 Pandemic: August/October 2023 Councils
    • NOT-OD-23-006: Extending the Special Exception to the NIH/AHRQ/NIOSH Post-Submission Material Policy During the COVID-19 Pandemic: May 2023 Councils

Human Subjects & Clinical Trials

  • NOT-OD-23-097: NIH Can No Longer Grant Common Rule Exceptions to the Use of a Single IRB for Multi-site Research After the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Expiration Date of May 11, 2023

Animal Welfare

  • NOT-OD-22-207: OLAW Waivers to Conduct Semiannual Facility Inspections due to COVID-19 Will Expire October 1, 2022

Funding Opportunities

Funded Grants

Use the following links to explore NIH COVID-19-related grant funding.

All COVID-19 research grant funding Link to Non-U.S. Government Site - Click for Disclaimer

Grant data are updated each weekend. Use the RePORTER search screen to filter these results by other criteria, including individual special appropriations.

A Federal-wide listing of acquisitions related to the COVID-19 response is available from the Federal Procurement Data System in a special COVID-19 report.