Updates to NIH Policy on ESI Application Status

When NIH approves ESI extension requests or a PI updates their degree information in their eRA Commons personal profile after application submission, the ESI status for the PI will be updated once the summary statement is released. When an ESI-eligible application is awarded and the PD/PI has an R01 or R01-equivalent application pending, the ESI status of the pending application will be updated after release of the summary statement to indicate the application is no longer ESI-eligible.

Notice of Clarification Regarding Harassment and Discrimination Protections in NIH Training Applications

NOT-OD-19-056 Clarifies for the community that information regarding institutional commitment to ensuring that proper policies and oversight are in place to prevent discriminatory harassment and other discriminatory practices is to be included in the same letter with the information about the applicant institutional commitment to the planned program. Separate letters are not required.