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NIH Research Education Grant Applications

Purpose of the Award

  • Supports research education activities in the mission areas of the NIH. Each program supports one of four specific goals: Educational activities that (1) Complement and/or enhance the training of a workforce to meet the nation’s biomedical, behavioral and clinical research needs; or (2) Enhance the diversity of the biomedical, behavioral and clinical research workforce; or (3) Help recruit individuals with specific specialty or disciplinary backgrounds to research careers in biomedical, behavioral and clinical sciences; or (4) Foster a better understanding of biomedical, behavioral and clinical research and its implications.


  • To accomplish the stated singular goal, each program may support one or more highly integrated educational activities focusing on: (1) Courses for Skills Development, (2) Research Experiences, (3) Mentoring Activities, (4) Curriculum or Methods Development, and (5) Outreach. (see specific funding opportunities)
  • No specific dollar limit unless specified in funding opportunities
  • Not intended as a substitute for an NRSA institutional training program (e.g., T32)


  • The R25 application contains certain components not typically found in research grant applications including: a proposed research education program; identification of a target audience; and a statement of institutional environment and commitment.
  • Where applicable, an education program may also require a plan for the appointment of an Advisory Committee to monitor progress; a diversity recruitment and retention plan; a plan for instruction in the responsible conduct of research; an evaluation plan; and/or a dissemination plan.

More Information

  • Review criteria for evaluating R25 applications are defined differently than those for evaluating other types of research (R) applications
  • Consult the funding opportunity to read the Review Process section; Individual funding opportunities often have additional review criteria and/or considerations
  • To read more about the review criteria and considerations for R applications, visit Review Criteria at-a- Glance.
  • Please see the following documents for more information on scoring and critique templates: Scoring System and Procedure, Critique Template Instructions.
  • A comprehensive list of Guidelines for Reviewers is available at /grants/peer/reviewer_guidelines.htm