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Division of Development and Customer Engagement (DDCE)

DDCE is responsible for the core functions of software development and for providing excellent customer relationship service for eRA systems that facilitate grants processing and administration.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Design and development of quality and secure enterprise IT solutions
  • Ensuring excellence in software development methodology
  • Leaders in establishing best practices in software development, testing and customer interactions
  • Establishing and strengthening customer collaborations and interactions
  • Delivering quality, secure, flexible features and products with a rewarding user experience
  • Implementing robust testing practices, tools and processes

Senior Leadership:

Director: Patricia Gaines


Design and Development Branch

Oversees the overall software design and development at eRA.

Testing and Product Assurance Branch

Responsible for the software testing when various system components and features that have been developed are integrated and systematically evaluated to determine if the product is correct and ready for potential implementation. The primary objectives of the testing are to: 1) find and correct defects in software quality 2) verify that the software meets all business requirements and performs as specified by acceptance criteria and 3) ensure there are no adverse impacts on the overall process or other existing systems.

Customer Relationship Management Branch 

Operates as the primary liaison between eRA, its stakeholders and its user community in determining user needs and providing system solutions in a collaborative manner; serves as a strong customer advocate for the extramural business area it represents.

Contact Us

Patricia Gaines
Rockledge 1 Room 6168
(301) 435-5091
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