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Guidance on Qualifications of IACUC Nonscientific and Nonaffiliated Members

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

OLAW has updated guidance on the qualifications of the IACUC nonscientific and nonaffiliated members in NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-15-109. The Notice provides background on the PHS Policy requirements for IACUC members, clarifies the Policy’s intent to have a diversity of perspectives in the membership of the committee, and provides guidance on the qualifications necessary for an individual to serve as a nonscientific or nonaffiliated member.

The nonscientific member must have a naïve attitude with regard to science and scientific activities. Examples of occupations meeting this requirement are provided. The nonaffiliated member must represent the general community interests and must not be a laboratory animal user (or former user), affiliated with the institution, or an immediate family member of someone who is affiliated with the institution. One individual may fulfill the requirement for both as long as the IACUC has at least 5 members.

See also updated FAQ B12, and new FAQs B14 and B15.
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