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Conference Networking Opportunities

Meet and Greet opportunities at in-person conferences are part of the experience and provide attendees the chance to meet others in your field, learn and share from one another, and help grow your knowledge – while contributing to your career growth. A virtual event doesn't mean you have to miss out on the opportunity to network with your peers though.

The NIH Grants Conference Center is designed to help facilitate and keep these conversations and networking opportunities moving forward in a virtual space. Make the most of these conference center features and planned activities to help get the most out of your experience.

Where Can I Network with Peers and Chat with Experts?

  • The Live Chat features allows you to share information with peers during the session.
  • Make a note of the presenters who share guidance and perspectives that you feel touch where you are at in the process. Their contact information is available in the
  • Notice names of attendees viewing the same presentations and those asking similar questions to yours.

  • Four different rooms with 45 booths, representing NIH Institutes, Centers, and Special Programs.
  • Open during the 2-Day Conference, you will have the opportunity to learn from NIH experts in the booths.
  • Continue the conversation outside of the booth if you find another attendee with similar issues. Someone to compare notes and learn from.

  • Use the designated chat room in the Lounge to create community connections!
  • On PreCon Event days, watch for additional events in the Lounge to engage with NIH and/or your peers.
  • During the 2-Day conference in February, check back often when more people will be participating.
  • Share and tweet!

  • Use the matchmaking interface on the “Search Attendees” page to find others with similar interests, those willing to mentor, or maybe someone from your own institution.
  • Once you have found potential connections, simply reach out with a chat request in the conference centers.
  • Want others to find you and increase your changes of making a meaningful professional contact? Complete your personal profile in the conference center as well.

  • Create a presence on this interesting, evolving Social Media Wall! Tweet your favorite tips and guidance so other attendees can also benefit.
  • Look for attendees who are posting on topics of interest to you. Who knows! Perhaps they could become a potential collaborator.
  • If you don't use Twitter, you can still participate. Use the QR code with a mobile phone and simply add your tips without a Twitter account.

We hope you'll utilize these tips and conference center features to help make connections and begin building new, meaningful, professional relationships with attendees globally. With your free registration, your All-Access Conference Pass can help you start leveraging right away, all the unique benefits that this virtual conference offers.