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2020 NIH Virtual Seminar Presentation Materials

Seminar Session Presentations


Session Title Video Slide Set Transcript
Addressing Sexual Harassment in Biomedical Science video (42:05) PowerPoint Word
Advanced Administrative Topics: Post-Award Issues video (44:42) PowerPoint Word
Advanced Administrative Topics: Pre-Award Issues video (44:18) PowerPoint Word
After-Hours Conversation - Mentoring: NIH and the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) video (51:01) PowerPoint Word
After-Hours Conversation - NIH Next Generation Research Initiative: Training Future Biomedical Researchers video (44:10) Not Available Word
After-Hours Conversation - Scientific Workforce Diversity in Extramural Research video  (46:16) PowerPoint Word
After Your First Award: Next Steps in Your Journey with NIH video (45:36) PowerPoint Word
All About Costs: A Post-Award Primer  video (41:35) PowerPoint Word
An Overview of NIH Policies on Human Subjects video (30:44) PowerPoint Word
Beyond Funding: NIH Support for Innovators  video (42:33) Not Available Word
Budget Building Blocks for Investigators video (34:31) Presentation PowerPoint
Case Study PowerPoint
Commitment Transparency video (45:55) PowerPoint Word
Common Compliance Pitfalls & Strategies for Success: Case Studies video (42:05) PowerPoint Word
Current Issues at NIH: Grants Policy Updates video (31:03) PowerPoint Word
Data & Resource Sharing: Firming Foundations For Future Frontiers  video (47:14) PowerPoint Word
Developing and Optimizing your Mentor Relationships video (32:59) PowerPoint Word
Digging Deeper into Small Business Programs and Policies (SBIR/STTR) video (26:08) PowerPoint Word
Diversity in the Biomedical Research Workforce video (28:10) PowerPoint Word
eRA Commons: Interacting with NIH Electronically Post-Submission video (35:14) PowerPoint Word
eRA: Streamlining Administrative Supplements video (5:39) Not Available Not Available
eRA Overview
video (4:26)
Not Available Not Available
Finding and Understanding Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)  video (12:35) PowerPoint Not Available
Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)
video (20:44)
PowerPoint Word
From Bench to Boardroom: Support for Small Businesses video (42:38) Not Available Word
Fundamentals of the NIH Grant Process and Need to Know Resources video (34:07) PowerPoint Word
Grant Writing for Success video (24:45) PowerPoint Word
Helping Academics Address Unmet Medical Needs video (41:13) PowerPoint Word
How Changes to Title 2 Code of Federal Regulations Affect You video (28:39) PowerPoint Word
How NIH Processes and Assigns Your Application video  (19:05) Not Available Not Available
Including Diverse Populations in NIH-funded Clinical Research  video (24:55) PowerPoint Word
Innovators in Action: Case Studies Not available Not Available Not Available
Intellectual Property: Understanding Requirements, Rights, and Recipient Responsibilities  video (28:54) PowerPoint Word
International Organizations and the NIH Grants Process  video (38:08) PowerPoint Word
Invention Reporting Under Bayh-Dole video (32:22) PowerPoint Word
Keynote with Dr. Michael Lauer - Extramural Research: Money, People, and Science video (38:23)  PowerPoint Word
Let’s Look at Peer Review video (38:07) PowerPoint Word
Master Class in Review Integrity  video (33.02) Not Available Word
Navigating NIH Programs to Advance Your Career video (36:08) PowerPoint Word
NIH Loan Repayment Programs (LRP)  video (43:44) PowerPoint Word
NIH Peer Review: "Live" Mock Study Section video  (44:33) Not Available Word
Notice of Award Arrives…Now What? video (34:43) PowerPoint Word
Open Mike with Dr. Michael Lauer video (39:29) Not Available Word
R&D Contracts (Part 1 of 2): Contract Administration and Getting Paid for Your Work video (22:43) Not Available Not Available
R&D Contracts (Part 2 of 2): Finding Opportunities and Writing Proposals video (24:15) Not Available Not Available
Ready, Set, Submit! Application Preparation and Submission video (39:10) PowerPoint Word
Registering & Reporting Results to ClinicalTrials.Gov video (25:40) Not Available Word
Research Enhancement Award (R15) Program video (23:09) PowerPoint Word
Research Involving Animals: OLAW video (23:43) PowerPoint Word
Research Misconduct and Integrity video  (44:45) PowerPoint Word
Rigor and Reproducibility: Back to Basics video (37:48) PowerPoint Word
SEEDing Healthcare Solutions video  (44:50) PowerPoint Word
Simplifying Informed Consent video (1:45:39) PowerPoint  Word
Understanding NIH Career Development “K” awards  video (36:22) PowerPoint Word
Understanding NRSA Fellowship ("F") and Training ("T") Grants video (36:04) PowerPoint Word
Using RePORT to Understand Who and What NIH Funds video (43:18) PowerPoint Word
Waddayawannaknow? Ask a GMO! video (45:13) Not Available Word
Writing an Effective "K" Application video (25:18) PowerPoint Word
* Captioned version coming soon.

Seminar Session Handouts

  • NIH Peer Review: Grants and Cooperative Agreements (PDF)
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