IACUC 101/301 Workshops: September 28-29, Roanoke, VA

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
IACUC 101/301 Workshops will be held September 28-29, 2016 in Roanoke, VA
IACUC 101: The Basics is a one-day didactic and interactive exploration of IACUC fundamentals appropriate for new and seasoned IACUC members, IACUC affiliates, and individuals responsible for their institution's animal care program. The course provides a basic yet comprehensive overview of the laws, regulations, and policies that govern the humane care and use of research animals.
IACUC 301: Scenarios is a full day of IACUC scenarios that address a mix of straight forward to complex situations interspersed with Q&A sessions. Topics will include IACUC membership, protocol review, semiannual review, pain and distress, and more.
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