Notice of Updated AHRQ Policy for Late Application Submission for Active Peer Review or National Advisory Council Service
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June 11, 2021

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Rescinded Notice: NOT-HS-14-006

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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is modifying the time requirements for submission and referral of research grant applications from the AHRQ advisory groups, including appointed and temporary members of the AHRQ Initial Review Group (IRG), active Special Emphasis Panel (SEP) members, and National Advisory Council members. This recognizes their outstanding service and will minimize disincentives to advisory group service. The timing of review meetings and standard due dates for grant applications often overlap ( Thus, members of advisory groups are under pressure to review applications and prepare their applications simultaneously.

Beginning with applications submitted on or after the September 25, 2021 due date and beyond, there is a two-week window of consideration of late submission of grant applications to AHRQ (see details below). If the application due dates fall on a weekend or Federal holiday, the application receipt date is extended to the next business day. The window of late submission will be considered from that business day.

AHRQ will accept the late submission of only R01, R18, and R21/R33 phased innovation award applications in response to standard submission dates (but not special receipt dates) up to two weeks after the standard receipt deadlines ( These applications will be processed and assigned to AHRQ Initial Review Groups using the standard AHRQ referral guidelines and process.

This policy is limited to 1) appointed and temporary members of the AHRQ Initial Review Group and study section subcommittees, appointed members of NIH standing study sections, members of active AHRQ SEPs, and members of the National Advisory Council for Healthcare Research and Quality; and 2) R01, R18, and phased R21/R33 applications that would normally be received on standard submission dates (but not special receipt dates).

Eligibility: Examples of what may be accepted up to two weeks late after the due date

  • A PD/PI who is currently an active member of an AHRQ and/or NIH Initial Review Group or study section.
  • Review service of a PD/PI on an AHRQ advisory group during the two months preceding or the two months following the application standard due date. Examples of qualifying services include participation in an AHRQ study section as a temporary reviewer, service on AHRQ SEP, or AHRQ National Advisory Council.
  • Late submission applies only to the individual(s) with the PD/PI role on the application. For multiple PD/PI applications, it applies to any or all PD/PIs

Not Eligible: Examples of what will not be accepted late

Late submission is NOT available for applications submitted for special dates (RFAs and some PARs) or activity codes other than R01, R18, R21/R33 applications submitted on standard receipt dates only.

Late submission does not apply to applications for which members have a role other than PD/PI, including appointed members serving as sponsors for fellowship applications or mentors for career award applications, co-investigators, or other key personnel in the application.

Review service on NIH review panels as temporary, ad hoc, SEP reviewers and NIH Advisory Councils and Boards.

Late submission due to personal or computer issues.

Submission Requirements
All individuals submitting an application under this notice, after the application receipt due date must include a cover letter in the application submission. The cover letter must indicate that the applicant is applying under the policy guidance provided in AHRQ Notice NOT-HS-21-016 and include the study section or SEP name and the date of the active service. This information will not be made available to assigned peer reviewers.

AHRQ does not provide advance permission to submit a late application. Based on the justification in the cover letter, the AHRQ Referral Officer will verify the individual’s eligibility for a late submission.

Application Processing and Review Schedule
All applications submitted in response to this Notice will be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled Initial Review Group meeting.

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Kathryn Roberts Marron, Ph.D.
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Telephone: 301-427-1554

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