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2022-2023 NIH Grants Conference & PreCon Events Season: Session Recordings & Resources

The 2022-2023 conference season is over, but the opportunity to learn from it isn't. Explore the recordings, slide sets, and transcripts. If you have questions, check out the FAQs and other resources on our NIH Grants & Funding site. Stilil need assistance? Our Help page will direct you to the appropriate contact.

On this page:


Virtual NIH Grants Conference on Funding, Policies, and Processes (February 1-2, 2023)

2-Day Conference Agenda with Session Descriptors (PDF)

Session TitleVideoSlide SetTranscript
Advanced Administrative Topics: Post-Award IssuesVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Advanced Administrative Topics: Pre-Award IssuesVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
All About Costs: Post-Award PrimerVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Budget Building BlocksVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Compliance Pitfalls and Strategies for SuccessVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Current Issues at NIH: Grants Policy UpdatesVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Developing and Optimizing Your Mentor RelationshipsVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Diversity in the Biomedical Research WorkforceVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
NIH’s Efforts to Enhance Racial and Ethnic EquityVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
FCOI and Other Support: NIH and Grantees Working TogetherVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Genomic Data Sharing, Other Sharing Policies, and Open Q&AVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Grant Writing for SuccessVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Keynote: A Dialogue with NIH Extramural Research LeadershipVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Let's Look at Peer ReviewVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
NIH Grant Basics and Need-to-Know ResourcesVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
NIH Peer Review: “Live” Mock Study Section with Extended Q&AVideo (YouTube)N/AWord
Notice of Award Arrives...Now What?Video (YouTube)PowerPointWord
"Open Mike" with Dr. Michael LauerVideo (YouTube)N/AWord
Putting It All Together: Supporting Your Career Path with NIH FundingVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Ready! Set! Submit! Application Preparation and SubmissionVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Research Administrator's Trivia Challenge!Video (YouTube)N/AWord
Roles, Responsibilities, and Partnerships throughout the Grant Life CycleVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
The NIH Final Policy for Data Management and Sharing is in Effect: Planning for Success!Video (YouTube)PowerPointWord
SEEDing Biomedical Innovation: Supporting Entrepreneurs at NIHVideo (YouTube)N/AWord
The Shared Path of eRA Commons and the Grant Process: Post-Submission to Award ManagementVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Support for Women in Biomedical Careers at NIH and BeyondVideo (YouTube)N/AWord
Understanding NIH ProgramsVideo (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Understanding the NIH Sex as a Biological Variable (SABV) Policy and the Importance of Sex & Gender in ResearchVideo (YouTube)N/AWord



Virtual NIH PreCon Events

Topic-focused events were held in the months leading up to the 2-day conference in February. These PreCon Events allowed us to take a deeper dive into a variety of NIH grant topics and policies. 

Session TitleVideoSlide SetTranscript
Human Subjects Research: Policies, Clinical Trials, & Inclusion (Day 2: December 7, 2022)Video (YouTube)

PowerPoint: An Overview of NIH Policies on Clinical Trials

PowerPoint: Including Diverse Populations in NIH Research

PowerPoint: Using the Human Subjects System (HSS)

Human Subjects Research: Policies, Clinical Trials, & Inclusion (Day 1: December 6, 2022)Video (YouTube)

PowerPoint: How Do I Know if a Research Study is Human Subjects Research

PowerPoint: What You Need to Know About FWAs and IRBs

PowerPoint: An Overview of NIH Policies on Human Subjects Research

PowerPoint: Essentials of sIRB Requirements

International Collaborations: Policies, Processes, & Partnerships (November 9, 2022)Video (YouTube)

PowerPoint: Understanding International Collaborations

PowerPoint: Sub Award Agreements: Requirements and Case Studies

PowerPoint: A Walk-Through of the Federal Financial Report (FFR)

PowerPoint: Collaborating and Partnering with Foreign Entities from a Scientific Perspective

PowerPoint: Foreign Interference

PowerPoint: Building a Successful Program to Support International Collaborations

Research Misconduct & Detrimental Research Practices: Overview & Case Studies (October 14, 2022)Video (YouTube)PowerPointWord
Navigating Early Career Funding Opportunities (September 15, 2022)Video (YouTube)

PowerPoint: Fellowships and Career Development Opportunities

PowerPoint: Navigating NIH Diversity Programs

PowerPoint: Advancing Your Career Through Networking and Mentoring

PowerPoint: Resources to Help You on Your Path to Success

NIH Loan Repayment Programs: Supporting the Next Generation of Researchers (August 25, 2022)Video (YouTube)PowerPointWord