NIH Human Embryonic Stem Cell Registry
Draft Requests in Process with the Intent to Submit in the Future

The following is a list of DRAFT requests for cell line consideration from institutions intending
to submit hESC lines for review (those submissions begun and saved but not submitted).

Draft Lines: 
Sorted by:
8  (in 4 Submissions)
Cell Line Name
09/30/2016 at 06:15 AM
Cell Line Name Ascending Sort Organization Initial
Entry Date
BMWi19851992 BMWi Genetic Consulting Research and Development, LLC 08/30/2016
CHB-13 Children's Hospital Corporation 09/21/2009
CHB-14 Children's Hospital Corporation 09/21/2009
CHB-15 Children's Hospital Corporation 09/21/2009
CHB-7 Children's Hospital Corporation 09/21/2009
GENEA032 Genea 07/04/2016
pES10 Columbia University 04/02/2016
UM57-3 PGD BMWi Genetic Consulting Research and Development, LLC 08/30/2016

Total Draft Lines = 8

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