Multi-Project Funding Opportunities Requiring Electronic Submission


Title FOA Number Related Issuing Org Released Opens Expires Activity Code
NIAID Investigator Initiated Program Project Applications (P01)  PAR-13-254  Related  NIAID  06-28-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
NICHD Program Project Grant (P01)   PAR-13-257  Related  NICHD  07-02-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
NIA Program Project Applications (P01)   PAR-13-258  Related  NIA  07-02-2013  12-27-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
NIDA Program Project Grant Applications (P01)   PAR-13-259  Related  NIDA  07-03-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
NIDCD Clinical Research Center Grant (P50)   PAR-13-277  Related  NIDCD  07-18-2013  09-01-2013  06-03-2016  P50 
Support of NIGMS Program Project Grants (P01)   PAR-13-280  Related  NIGMS  07-19-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
Developmental Mechanisms of Human Structural Birth Defects (P01)   PAR-13-285  Related  NICHD  07-25-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
Research Centers in Injury and Peri-operative Sciences (P50)   PAR-13-291  Related  NIGMS  08-02-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P50 
NHLBI Program Project Applications (P01)   PAR-13-316  Related  NHLBI  08-06-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
NIA Revision and Resubmission Program Project Applications (P01)  PAR-13-329  Related  NIA  08-09-2013  08-25-2013  09-08-2016  P01 
Revision Requests for Active Alzheimer's Disease Core Centers (P30)  PAR-13-342  Related  NIA  08-30-2013  12-26-2013  01-08-2017  P30 
Revision Requests for Active Alzheimer's Disease Centers (P50)  PAR-13-353  Related  NIA  09-16-2013  12-25-2013  01-08-2017  P50 
NIBIB Biomedical Technology Resource Centers (P41)  PAR-13-376  Related  NIBIB  10-18-2013  12-25-2013  01-08-2017  P41 
Cancer Center Support Grants (CCSGs) for NCI-designated Cancer Centers (P30)  PAR-13-386  Related  NCI  11-07-2013  12-25-2013  01-08-2017  P30 
Animal and Biological Material Resource Centers (P40)  PAR-14-005  Related  ORIP  11-21-2013  12-25-2013  01-08-2017  P40 
Biomedical Technology Research Resource (P41)  PAR-14-021  Related  NIGMS  12-10-2013  01-04-2014  01-08-2017  P41 
Centers for AIDS Research and Developmental Centers for AIDS Research (P30)  PAR-14-041  Related  NIAID  12-17-2013  06-27-2014  07-29-2016  P30 
Limited Competition: Specific pathogen free macaque colonies (U42)  PAR-14-066  Related  ORIP  01-09-2014  04-07-2014  01-08-2018  U42 
Revision Applications for Research on Metabolic Reprogramming to Improve Immunotherapy (P01)  PAR-14-087  Related  NCI  02-04-2014  06-10-2014  12-15-2016  P01 
NINDS Program Project Grant (P01)  PAR-14-183  Related  NINDS  04-21-2014  04-25-2014  05-08-2017  P01 
NIDA Core "Center of Excellence" Grant Program (P30)  PAR-14-186  Related  NIDA  04-23-2014  08-25-2014  01-08-2017  P30 
Genomic Resource Grants for Community Resource Projects (U41)  PAR-14-191  Related  NHGRI  04-24-2014  05-30-2014  01-26-2017  U41 
Limited Competition: National Primate Research Centers (P51)  PAR-14-226  Related  ORIP  05-16-2014  06-15-2014  01-26-2017  P51 
NEI Center Core Grants for Vision Research (P30)  PAR-14-232  Related  NEI  05-19-2014  08-30-2014  10-01-2016  P30 
National Cooperative Drug Discovery/Development Groups (NCDDG) for the Treatment of Mental Disorders, Drug or Alcohol Addiction (U19)  PAR-14-234  Related  NIMH  05-20-2014  05-23-2014  02-24-2017  U19 
Translational Programs in Lung Diseases (P01)  PAR-14-245  Related  NHLBI  06-03-2014  08-22-2014  09-23-2016  P01 
Institutional Development Award (IDeA) Program Infrastructure for Clinical and Translational Research (IDeA-CTR)(U54)  PAR-14-303  Related  NIGMS  07-31-2014  09-08-2014  10-01-2016  U54 
Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPOREs) in Human Cancers for Years 2015, 2016, and 2017 (P50)  PAR-14-353  Related  NCI  09-26-2014  12-27-2014  09-24-2016  P50 
Resource Program Grants in Bioinformatics (P41)  PAR-14-357  Related  NICHD  10-02-2014  12-25-2014  09-26-2017  P41 
The Midlife in the United States Study (U19)  PAR-14-356  Related  NIA  10-02-2014  12-26-2014  01-08-2018  U19 
National Cancer Institute Program Project Applications (P01)   PAR-15-023  Related  NCI  10-28-2014  12-25-2014  01-08-2017  P01 
Comprehensive Partnerships to Advance Cancer Health Equity (CPACHE) (U54)  PAR-15-103  Related  NCI  01-29-2015  03-01-2015  01-29-2017  U54 
Countermeasures Against Chemical Threats (CounterACT) Research Centers of Excellence (U54)  PAR-15-146  Related  NINDS  03-19-2015  08-15-2015  09-13-2017  U54 
HIV Vaccine Research and Design (HIVRAD) Program (P01)  PAR-15-164  Related  NIAID  03-31-2015  06-15-2015  07-15-2017  P01 
Developmental AIDS Research Center on Mental Health and HIV/AIDs (P30)  PAR-15-196  Related  NIMH  05-01-2015  08-14-2015  09-15-2017  P30 
AIDS Research Center on Mental Health and HIV/AID (P30)  PAR-15-197  Related  NIMH  05-01-2015  08-14-2015  09-15-2017  P30 
Clinical and Translational Science Award (U54)  PAR-15-304  Related  NCATS  07-23-2015  08-25-2015  05-26-2018  U54 
Integrated Preclinical/Clinical AIDS Vaccine Development Program (IPCAVD) (U19)  PAR-15-330  Related  NIAID  08-14-2015  02-09-2016  03-10-2018  U19 
Research Centers for Cancer Systems Biology Consortium(U54)  RFA-CA-15-014  Related  NCI  09-02-2015  10-20-2015  04-21-2017  U54 
Planning for Regional Centers of Research Excellence in Non-communicable Diseases in Low and Middle Income Countries (P20)  RFA-CA-15-007  Related  NCI  09-14-2015  11-10-2015  08-24-2016  P20 
Limited Competition: Chimpanzee Biomedical Research Program (U42)  PAR-16-001  Related  ORIP  10-02-2015  11-16-2015  12-17-2016  U42 
NIDA Research Center of Excellence Grant Program (P50)  PAR-16-009  Related  NIDA  10-21-2015  12-07-2015  01-08-2019  P50 
Revision Applications for Assay Validation For High Quality Markers For NCI-Supported Clinical Trials (U10)  PAR-16-056  Related  NCI  12-10-2015  01-29-2016  10-07-2017  U10 
Tropical Medicine Research Centers (U19)  RFA-AI-16-002  Related  NIAID  12-11-2015  05-03-2016  06-04-2016  U19 
Feasibility Studies to Build Collaborative Partnerships in Cancer Research (P20)  PAR-16-084  Related  NCI  01-14-2016  02-18-2016  01-30-2018  P20 
Consortium for Food Allergy Research: Leadership Center (UM2)  RFA-AI-15-050  Related  NIAID  02-03-2016  05-30-2016  07-01-2016  UM2 
Center without Walls for the Identification and Validation of Molecular Mechanisms Contributing to Tau Pathogenesis and Associated Neurodegeneration in Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD) (U54)  RFA-NS-16-023  Related  NINDS  02-24-2016  05-07-2016  06-08-2016  U54 
Silvio O. Conte Digestive Diseases Research Core Centers (P30)  RFA-DK-16-019  Related  NIDDK  02-25-2016  06-07-2016  07-08-2016  P30 
NIDDK Program Projects (P01)  PAR-16-127  Related  NIDDK  03-09-2016  04-25-2016  05-08-2019  P01 
Collaborative Hubs to Reduce the Burden of Suicide among American Indian and Alaska Native Youth (U19)  RFA-MH-17-350  Related  NIMH  03-21-2016  06-07-2016  07-08-2016  U19 
Complex Integrated Multi-Component Projects in Aging Research (U19)  PAR-16-143  Related  NIA  03-22-2016  04-25-2016  09-08-2019  U19 
Revisions Applications to P50 Awards for Research on NCI's Provocative Questions (P50)  RFA-CA-16-012  Related  NCI  03-29-2016  05-29-2016  10-29-2016  P50 
Revisions to Add Provocative Question-Relevant Research to Active Research Projects (P01)  RFA-CA-16-013  Related  NCI  03-29-2016  05-29-2016  10-29-2016  P01 
Human Tissue Models for Infectious Diseases (U19)  RFA-AI-16-022  Related  NIAID  04-06-2016  06-06-2016  07-07-2016  U19 
Research Partnerships for Scaling Up Mental Health Interventions in Low-and Middle-Income Countries (U19)  PAR-16-174  Related  NIMH  04-08-2016  06-15-2016  07-16-2016  U19 
Nonhuman Primate Transplantation Tolerance (U19)  RFA-AI-16-008  Related  NIAID  04-19-2016  07-03-2016  08-04-2016  U19 
Understanding HIV Rebound (P01)  RFA-AI-16-028  Related  NIAID  04-19-2016  06-29-2016  07-30-2016  P01 
Improving Physical Infrastructure Revisions of Center Grants (P40)  RFA-OD-16-010  Related  ORIP  04-22-2016  07-01-2016  08-02-2016  P40 
Improving Physical Infrastructure to Enhance Animal Model Research: Revisions of Center Grants (P51)   RFA-OD-16-007  Related  ORIP  04-25-2016  07-01-2016  08-02-2016  P51 
Nutrition Obesity Research Centers (NORCs) (P30)  RFA-DK-16-006  Related  NIDDK  04-27-2016  10-23-2016  11-24-2016  P30 
Limited Competition: Renewal of Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE)(P20)  PAR-16-241  Related  NIGMS  05-09-2016  08-28-2016  09-29-2018  P20 
Limited Competition: NIGMS Mature Synchrotron Resources for Structural Biology (P30)   PAR-16-247  Related  NIGMS  05-09-2016  09-10-2016  10-11-2018  P30 
Specialized Alcohol Research Centers (P50)  RFA-AA-17-001  Related  NIAAA  05-09-2016  11-05-2016  12-06-2016  P50 
Comprehensive Alcohol Research Centers (P60)   RFA-AA-17-002  Related  NIAAA  05-09-2016  11-05-2016  12-06-2016  P60 
Centers of Research Translation (CORT) (P50)   RFA-AR-17-001  Related  NIAMS  05-11-2016  09-11-2016  10-12-2016  P50 
Improving Physical Infrastructure to Enhance Animal Model Research: Revisions of Specialized Center Cooperative Agreements (U54)  RFA-OD-16-011  Related  ORIP  05-24-2016  07-01-2016  08-02-2016  U54 
Improving Physical Infrastructure to Enhance Animal Model Research: Revisions of Resource Cooperative Agreement (U42)  RFA-OD-16-012  Related  ORIP  05-24-2016  07-01-2016  08-02-2016  U42 
Diabetes Research Centers (P30)  RFA-DK-16-020  Related  NIDDK  05-26-2016  01-28-2017  05-01-2017  P30 
Systems Approach to Immunity and Inflammation (U19)  RFA-AI-16-050  Related  NIAID  05-26-2016  10-02-2016  11-03-2016  U19 
Native American Research Centers for Health (NARCH) (S06)   PAR-16-297  Related  NIGMS  05-27-2016  06-27-2016  07-28-2017  S06 

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