Research career development K award, CDA, progress reports, RPPR, research performance project report

12.11.1 Progress Reports

Most individual CDA awards (mentored and non-mentored) are awarded under SNAP authorities. Progress reports for SNAP awards must be submitted using the Research Performance Project Report (RPPR). The RPPR must be submitted electronically using the RPPR module in the eRA Commons. For progress reports submitted using the RPPR, the IDP requirement described in Non-Competing Continuation Progress Reports will apply. Progress reports for non-SNAP awards should be submitted in accordance with the PHS 2590 instructions, including Section 4, Additional Instructions for Preparing Continuation Career Development Award (CDA) Progress Reports. PHS 2590 progress report forms and instructions are available from the NIH Web site at

Following completion or termination of a project period, the recipient must submit a Final RPPR to the NIH awarding ICThe NIH organizational component responsible for a particular grant program or set of activities. The terms "NIH IC," or "awarding IC" are used throughout this document to designate a point of contact for advice and interpretation of grant requirements and to establish the focal point for requesting necessary prior approvals or changes in the terms and conditions of award. within 120 days after the end of grant support as part of the Closeout documents described below.