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Semiannual Program and Facility Review Checklist

Sample Semiannual Facility Inspection Checklist
Aseptic Surgery


General Considerations:
  • location minimizes traffic/contamination
  • functional components (surgical support, animal preparation, surgeon scrub, operating room, postoperative recovery) are designed and separated (physically or otherwise) according to the Guide
  • appropriate drug storage, control, expiration date monitoring
  • safe sharps disposal system
  • adequate records of anesthesia and perioperative care
  • aseptic procedures in use for all survival surgery

Operating Room:

  • effective contamination control procedures
  • effective cleaning procedures/dedicated tools
  • interior surfaces smooth and impervious to moisture
  • HVAC system meets Guide requirements
  • lighting safe and appropriate
  • outlets safe and appropriate
  • scavenging of anesthetic gases implemented
  • warning signs posted where needed
  • fixed equipment is sanitizable

Surgical support:

  • facility for washing, sterilizing, storing instruments & supplies
  • autoclave monitoring procedures are implemented
  • storage of autoclaved materials maintains sterility
  • cold sterilization procedures are appropriate

Animal preparation: contains large sink to facilitate cleaning of animal and operative site

Surgeon scrub: outside operating room, non-hand-operated sink

Postoperative recovery: allows adequate observation, easily cleaned, supports physiologic functions, minimizes risk of injury

Dressing area: place for personnel to change

*A = acceptable; M = minor deficiency; S = significant deficiency (is or may be a threat to animal health or safety)

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