Rollout of Redesigned eRA Commons Home and Landing Screens in January 2021
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November 25, 2020

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eRA Commons, an online interface where grant applicants, recipients, reviewers and federal staff at NIH and other eRA partner agencies can access and share administrative information related to applications and awards, will see two of its main screens redesigned and launched in January 2021.

The modernized home screen (log-in screen) and the landing screen (screen once logged in) will provide a simpler interface that reflects user feedback. The new look will also come with enhanced security and stability for the eRA Commons module.

Key information will be front and center – eRA Service Desk contact info, links to register an organization, create an account, submit a reference letter, and learn more about how to use eRA systems via information on the eRA website.

 A significant change is that, once logged in, access to other eRA modules within eRA Commons will be through an apps menu at the top left of the screen.


Screenshots and details are available on the Take a Sneak Peek: Redesigned eRA Commons Home Screen Coming in 2021 webpage.


Please direct all inquiries to:

eRA Service Desk

Submit a web ticket:

Phone: 301-402-7469

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