Clarification: Time Limit on NIH Resubmission Applications

Notice Number: NOT-OD-12-128

Update: The following updates relating to this announcement has been issued:

  • April 17, 2014 - NIH and AHRQ Announce Updated Policy for Application Submission. See Notice NOT-OD-14-074.

Key Dates
Release Date: August 1, 2012

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Issued by
Center for Scientific Review (CSR)
Office of Extramural Research (OER)


NIH policy allows a thirty-seven month window for resubmissions (A1 applications) following the submission of a New, Renewal, or Revision application (A0 application). The policy was implemented to stimulate new research directions for projects that were not successful initially and may have become outdated over the course of several years. Since the NIH policy on resubmission applications was issued, CSR and OER have received numerous questions concerning its implementation. This Notice provides clarification of two aspects of the NIH policy on resubmission applications:

  • Starting point for the time limit after the original submission (A0 application).
  • Status of submissions after the time limit for resubmissions has expired.


The initial submission of a new, renewal or revision application constitutes the starting point for the thirty-seven month policy. After thirty-seven months, NIH views a submission as a new application, regardless of whether an unsuccessful resubmission (A1) was submitted during the thirty-seven month time period.


Please direct all inquiries to:

Division of Receipt and Referral
Center for Scientific Review


Sally A. Amero, Ph.D.
NIH Review Policy Officer