Notice of Revised NIMH Policies for Applications Submitted to PA-11-195 -"Midcareer Investigator Award in Patient-Oriented Research" (Parent K24) and PA-11-191 - "Independent Scientist Award" (Parent K02)

Notice Number: NOT-MH-12-013

Update: The following update relating to this announcement has been issued:

  • August 1, 2012 - See Notice NOT-OD-12-128. Clarification: Time Limit on NIH Resubmission Applications.

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Release Date: January 19, 2012

Issued by
National Institute of Mental Health,(NIMH)


This Notice informs potential applicants responding to PA-11-195 - "Midcareer Investigator Award in Patient-Oriented Research (K24)" or to PA-11-191 - "Independent Scientist Award (K02)" that, beginning with applications due on June 12, 2012 and thereafter, NIMH will follow a revised policy regarding "renewal" (Type 2) applications.

For K24 and K02 awards that are currently in their first 5 year project period and for new (Type 1) K24 and K02 applications that will be submitted to NIMH on or after June 12, 2012, the total, maximum length of K24 or K02 support will be 5 years. NIMH will no longer accept renewal (Type 2) K24 or K02 applications submitted on or after June 12, 2012.

NIMH will accept eligible resubmissions (-A1) of renewal applications where the initial (-A0) renewal submission was made prior to June 12, 2012, in accordance with the NIH policy that a resubmission must be made no more than thirty-seven months after the date of the receipt of the initial renewal application (NOT-OD-10-140 ).


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