New Procedures and Instructions for Submitting Annual Progress Reports for Multi-Year Funded (MYF) Awards

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Release Date:  October 6, 2010

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National Institutes of Health (NIH)


This Notice announces new procedures and instructions for submitting annual progress reports for multi-year funded awards.  Multi-year funded (MYF) awards are where the project period and budget period are the same and are longer than one year. These instructions must be followed for all MYF awards with an annual progress report due on or after 12/22/2010.  For MYF awards with an annual progress report due prior to 12/22/2010, grantees should continue to follow the specific instructions of the NIH Institute or Center (I/C) issuing the award.


Appropriate stewardship of all NIH awards requires project performance monitoring and enforcement of terms of award.   The majority of NIH awards are issued with multiple budget years within a single project period, and NIH receipt and review of the PHS 2590 Non-competing Continuation Progress Report is required in order for the grantee to receive each subsequent year of funding within the project period.  A limited number of NIH awards are multi-year funded (MYF), i.e., not funded incrementally in budget years but funded in full at the start of the project period from a single fiscal year appropriation. 

NIH has traditionally used multi-year funding for programs such as:

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) provided opportunities for additional programs to use multi-year funding, for example:

The 10/22/2010 eRA software release will implement new functionality that allows the grantee to upload a PDF progress report through the eRA Commons.  Thus the procedure for submitting annual progress reports for MYF awards is being standardized across all NIH ICs for all MYF awards.  This effort will enhance the NIH monitoring of MYF awards and apply a consistent process for grantee institutions.


This new progress report submission process applies to all MYF awards with an annual progress report due on or after 12/22/2010. These instructions supersede any previous instructions regarding the timing and submission of progress reports and may represent a change from previous instructions (e.g., those contained in the Funding Opportunity Announcement) or in the terms of award as specified in the Notice of Award.

Progress Reports for MYF awards are now due annually on or before the anniversary of the budget/project period start date of the award.  Effective October 22, 2010, NIH will send an automated email notification to the PD/PI two months before the anniversary of the award requesting submission of the MYF progress report. If the progress report is not submitted on or before the anniversary date of the award, an email indicating that the report is past due will be sent, and the IC will follow-up with the grantee.  A progress report is not required if the award is in a no-cost extension period unless specifically required by the IC.  A final progress report is always required at the end of the project period and will continue to be submitted as part of the Closeout module in the eRA Commons; the MYF feature must not be used for a final progress report.

The reporting period for a MYF progress report is the calendar year preceding the anniversary date of the award.  For example, if an award is made on 04/01/2010, the MYF progress report is due on or before 04/01/2011, and should report on the activities performed under the award between 04/01/2010 and 03/31/2011. For the subsequent year the MYF progress report will be due 04/01/2012, and should report on the activities performed under the award between 04/01/2011 and 03/31/2012.

Information on the content of a MYF progress report, and instructions on how to submit the report through the eRA Commons, is posted at  It is important that PD/PIs follow these specific instructions when preparing a MYF progress report because certain information (e.g., on inventions) must be provided in a different location from that used in progress reports for non-MYF awards. The multi-year progress report (MYPR) link to upload the report will be available two months before the anniversary date of the award, on the eRA Commons Status search page in the folder “List of Applications/Grants” in the “Action” column.  Note that the eSNAP module is not used for submission of a MYF progress report.

Progress reports for MYF awards must be completed by the PD/PI, and then submitted by a Signing Official (SO) or a PD/PI with delegated authority from the SO to submit a progress report. Information about SO delegation of authority to a PD/PI to submit a progress report appears in the eSNAP User Guide under Section 2. Delegating Authority.

Upon submission of the report via the eRA Commons, the Program and Grants Management Officials will review the report and request any additional information or clarification if required.   Unless follow-up is necessary, there will not routinely be any communication back to the grantee or PD/PI and the progress report will be considered complete and accepted.


For general inquiries concerning this policy contact:

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