Clarification of SF424 (R&R) Application Instructions for Resubmissions of Revision and Renewal Applications

Notice Number: NOT-OD-10-052

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Release Date: January 22, 2010

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National Institutes of Health (NIH), (


This notice clarifies instructions for institutions submitting grant applications with application types that qualify as both resubmissions (A1 or A2) and renewals (type 2) or as both resubmissions and revisions. 


A “resubmission” is an application that has been previously submitted to NIH for consideration, but was not funded and is now being resubmitted for further consideration.  A “renewal” requests additional funding for a period subsequent to that provided by a previous award and competes with all other applications.  A “revision” proposes a change in 1) the Federal government’s financial obligations or contingent liability from an existing organization, or 2) any other changes in the terms and conditions of the existing award, including requests for additional specific aims.

Currently, applicants must make a single selection in the Type of Application field (Item 8) of the SF424 (R&R) Cover component, even though some applications qualify as more than one application type.  For example, the forms will not allow a resubmission application to also be considered as a renewal.  Since the choice of application type affects which form fields are available to applicants for inserting information, selecting only one application type will not allow the submission of all necessary information for the other application type.  So even though many renewal applications are required to include additional pieces of information (such as a progress report, inclusion enrollment report, and/or progress report publication list), they may not be available for collection on some resubmission applications. 


Until the actual forms can be revised to fix these issues, NIH is providing interim instructions.  Consistent with existing practice, institutions submitting revision or renewal applications that are also resubmissions (A1, or A2 if allowed, see are instructed to select “Resubmission” in the Type of Application field (Item 8) of the SF424 (R&R) Cover component.  However, for those that are not able to provide required information on the forms due to selecting the resubmission application type, the following special instructions should be followed:


Updates reflecting these new instructions will be made in the near future to the SF424 (R&R) Application Guides (available at


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