RELEASE DATE:  August 5, 2003 

NOTICE:  NOT-OD-03-054

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

This Notice updates the NIH extramural community on the status of non-
competing grant progress report notification.

Historically, NIH reminded grantees about the submission of a progress report 
by mailing a pre-printed face page.  In August 2002 NIH announced a 
modification of this business process and discontinued this mailing (see   Since 
that time, the NIH Office of Extramural Research has hosted a website of Non-
competing Progress Report due date information.  Located at:, grantee officials query using their 
Institutional Profile Number (IPF) to return a list of "due" progress 
reports.  If an official is not certain of the IPF, a companion query is also 
available at the site to help determine the appropriate IPF.  Grantee 
officials are encouraged to review this list at least once a month.  Several 
months of "due" information are in the query at all times and records drop 
off of the list as NIH receives the progress reports.  New records are added 
on/around the 30th of each month.

For grantee institutions and principal investigators (PIs) registered in the 
NIH eRA Commons, the progress report due information is available in the 
Commons Status system. Commons-registered institutions and PIs also have 
access to pre-populated face pages via Status.  For more information on the 
NIH Commons, see: 

In an effort to improve the timely submission of non-competing progress 
reports, NIH recently implemented two separate e-mail reminders to the PI.  
An initial reminder is sent two months prior to the due date.  Approximately 
two weeks after the due date, a follow-up reminder is sent for those progress 
reports that are overdue.    

Progress reports should continue to be mailed directly to the NIH awarding 
Institute/Center.  A list of Institute/Center mailing addresses for progress 
reports is found at:

The instructions in the PHS 2590 (Non-competing Progress Report) and 
PHS 416-9 (Individual Kirschstein-NRSA Fellowship Progress Report) have been 
updated to include information on this change in business process.  Revised 
PHS 2590 Instructions are located at:
i_submit_progress_report.htm and

Revised PHS 416-9 Instructions are found at: 

Questions concerning the web query or access through the Commons should be 
addressed to the eRA Helpdesk: e-mail:  Questions 
concerning submission of progress reports should be directed to the specific 
NIH Institute/Center.

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