NEI Notice of Participation in PAR-21-081, "Addressing Health Disparities among Immigrant Populations through Effective Interventions (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)"
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January 27, 2022

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PAR-21-081 - Addressing Health Disparities among Immigrant Populations through Effective Interventions (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

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National Eye Institute (NEI)


The purpose of this notice is to inform potential applicants that the National Eye Institute (NEI) will participate in Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) PAR-21-081, "Addressing Health Disparities among Immigrant Populations through Effective Interventions (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)", beginning with the January 25, 2022 due date and subsequent due dates.

The following section of the FOA has been changed to add the NEI specific clinical trial information (changes shown in bold italics):

Part 1. Overview Information
Components of Participating Organizations

National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD)
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)
National Cancer Institute (NCI)
National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR)
National Eye Institute (NEI)

All applications to this funding opportunity announcement should fall within the mission of the Institutes/Centers. The following NIH Offices may co-fund applications assigned to those Institutes/Centers.

Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR)

Assistance Listing Number(s)

93.307, 93.273, 93.399, 93.393, 93.113, 93.361, 93.867

Funding Opportunity Purpose

The purpose of this initiative is to support research to design and implement effective interventions to enhance health advantages and reduce the health disparities among US immigrant populations.

Part 2. Full Text of Announcement

Section I. Funding Opportunity Description

Specific Areas of Research Interest for NEI:

The mission of the National Eye Institute ( is to eliminate vision loss and improve quality of life through vision research. The NEI supports basic and clinical research into diseases and disorders of the visual system and the special needs of people with impaired vision or who are blind. Research topics may include but are not limited to telemedicine, screening and automated diagnosis, medication adherence, quality of life, and rehabilitation strategies for people who are visually impaired or blind.

The National Eye Institute will not support clinical trials that are greater than minimal risk on this funding opportunity. Minimal risk is defined as the probability and magnitude of harm or discomfort anticipated in the research are not greater in and of themselves than those ordinarily encountered in daily life or during the performance of routine physical or psychological examinations or tests.

Section VII. Agency Contacts

Scientific/Research Contact(s)

Jimmy Le,Sc.D.
National Eye Institute (NEI)
Telephone: 301-435-8160

Financial/Grants Management Contact(s)

Karen Robinson Smith
National Eye Institute (NEI)
Telephone: 301-435-8178

All other aspects of the FOA remain the same.


Please direct all inquiries to:

Jimmy Le, Sc.D.
National Eye Institute (NEI)
Telephone: 301-435-8160

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