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Short-Term Courses in Research Ethics (T15)

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The objective of this program is to support the development, conduct, and evaluation of short-term courses on ethical issues in research, particularly research involving human participants.

The courses are intended to:

  1. improve the skills of biomedical, behavioral, nursing, social science, and public health researchers in identifying and addressing the ethical, legal, and social implications of their research and

  2. increase the number of researchers who have both awareness and skills in the ethical aspects of such research.

This program is supported by the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. It is being administered by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Please see the NIH Guide announcement for more information: Also see the Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research page.

Below are listings of Active T15 Awards and Inactive T15 Awards, sorted by principal investigator (click on buttons to display with a different sort). For active awards, click the links in the "Institution" column to access the e-mail address, phone, fax, mailing address and other details about the Principal Investigator and other Key Personnel. This information is not available for inactive awards. Links in the "Grant #" column lead to Grant Abstracts, if available and the "Links/Files" column contains links to other information. In addition, E-Mail Lists for PIs and Key Personnel with active awards, as well as the contact for comments and/or updates, are available below.


Short-Term Courses in Research Ethicss (T15)
Listing of Active T15 Awards - Sorted by Principal Investigator

(Total # of Active Awards = 0)
Principal Investigator Institution / Grant Title
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Grant #
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Short-Term Courses in Research Ethicss (T15)
Listing of Inactive T15 Awards - Sorted by Principal Investigator

(Total # of Inactive Awards = 29)
Principal Investigator Institution / Grant Title
Grant #
(Abstract Link)
Byrn, Francis W. University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Training Preceptors in Human Research Ethics
HL69786 08/31/2003  
Cash, Richard A. M.D. Harvard School of Public Health
Ethical Issues in International Health Research
AI07554 09/29/2001 Ethics Programs  
Cash, Richard A M.D. Harvard University
Ethics in Health Research in China
HL75690 09/29/2003  
DuBois, James M. PhD, DSc Saint Louis University
Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health Research
HL72453 07/31/2005 Ethics Programs  
Durfy, Sharon J. Ph.D University of Washington
A Short Course and Certificate Program in Research Ethics
AI07564 08/31/2001  
Fischbach, Ruth L Ph.D., M.P.E. Columbia University
Current Issues in Research Ethics
HL72451 07/31/2005 Ethics Programs  
Fisher, Celia B. Ph.D. Fordham University
Ethics Course Scientist-Participant Partnerships
AI07551 09/29/2001 Ethics Programs  
Frankel, Mark S. Ph.D. American Association for the Advancement of Science
Short Course on Racial and Ethnic Minorities as Research Subjects
HL69790 08/31/2002 Ethics Programs  
Gonzalez, Jesus MD, MPH Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Building Research Ethics Capacity in Peru and the US
HL72482 07/31/2005 Clinical Research Curriculum
Clinical Research Curriculum  
Goodman, Kenneth W. Ph.D. University of Miami
Especially Difficult Challenges in Epidemiology and Public Health Research
HL69787 08/31/2003 Ethics Programs  
Goold, Susan D University of Michigan
Valid Consent/Refusal: A Core Competency for Research
HL72514 07/31/2007  
Hamric, Ann B. PhD, RN, FAAN University of Virginia
Research Ethics Course for Research Nurse Coordinators
HL70903 03/31/2005 Ethics Programs  
Hill, Joal M Advocate Health Care
Research Ethics Training In Integrated Health Delivery
HL72470 04/30/2008  
Kass, Nancy E. ScD Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
International Research Ethics: Short Course
AI07560 09/29/2002  
Macklin, Ruth Ph.D. Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Embedding Ethics in a Clinical Research Training Program
AI07558 09/29/2001 Ethics Course  
Mays, Vickie M. Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles
Research Ethics and Ethnic Minority Populations
AI07556 09/29/2001  
Murphy, Timothy F. Ph.D. University of Illinois College of Medicine
Ethics in Clinical, Biomedical, and Public Health Research
AI07562 09/29/2001  
Nebeker, Camille San Diego State University
Culturally Tailored Ethics Training for the Latino Community
HL72440 04/30/2008 Ethics Programs  
Pimple, Kenneth D. Ph.D. Indiana University
Web-Based Ethics Course in Research with Human Subjects
HL69791 08/31/2005 Ethics Programs
Ethics Course (PDF)  
Quigley, Dianne P. Ph.D. Syracuse University
Short Courses for Environmental Health Research Ethics
HL69792 07/31/2007 Ethics Programs  
Sander, Linda D. Ph.D. Meharry Medical College
Increasing Participation of Minority Researchers in Ethics
HL69785 08/31/2003 Ethics Programs  
Ethical Issues in HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse Research
HL75687 06/30/2008 Ethics Programs  
Stiles, Paul G. J.D., Ph.D. University of South Florida
Ethical Issues in Services Research
HL69789 08/31/2002  
Stiles, Paul G University of South Florida
Ethics in Behavioral Health Services Research
HL07246 07/31/2007  
Stone, Howard T BA, JD, LLM University of Texas
Cardiovascular Disease Research Ethics ("CADRE")
HL75759 05/31/2009 Research Program  
Stone, T. Howard J.D., BA, LL.M. University of Louisville School of Medicine
Ethics in Clinical Research Involving Prisoners
HL69782 08/31/2003 Ethics Programs  
Strauss, David H. M.D. Columbia University
A Practicum in Clinical Research Ethics
HL69784 08/31/2003  
Wertz, Dorothy C. Ph.D. Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center
Distance-Learning For IRBs on Ethical Issues in Genetics
AI07545 09/29/2000  
Whitbeck, Caroline Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University
A Modular Short Course in Research Ethics
HL69788 08/31/2002 Ethics Programs
Ethics Programs (PDF)  

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