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On April 23, 2009, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published draft stem cell guidelines for public comment in the Federal Register. The purpose of these guidelines are to implement President Barack Obama’s Executive Order 13505 “Removing Barriers to Responsible Scientific Research Involving Human Stem Cells,” which was issued on March 9, 2009.

NIH received 49,015 comments by May 26, 2009, the closing date of the comment period, and have compiled these comments on this website. Any comments received via email or mail after the May 26 deadline are not included on this website. In reviewing the comments, NIH determined that 60 comments were inappropriate (i.e., contained SPAM responses or offensive language), and these comments have been excluded from this website. In addition, to protect the identities and personal information of individuals who submitted comments, NIH has removed personally identifiable information from the comments on this website even though individuals consented that the information provided could be made available for public review and posting.

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2299 05/01/2009 at 08:57:05 AM Self     STOP THE OUTRAGE

2300 05/01/2009 at 08:57:08 AM Self     With adult stem cells being used for the good of so many different things currently I don't understand why there is such an outcry for the use of the embryonic stem cell has not produced anything to date and should be abandoned. It sounds like a way for tax dollars to be funneled to groups that are not making any progress. I say spend our hard-earned money wisely.

2301 05/01/2009 at 08:57:09 AM       I oppose the use of Federal funds on human stem cells.

2302 05/01/2009 at 08:57:50 AM Self     I am against the moral outrage of cloning, an assault upon human dignity. Please take all steps to assure that this procedure never becomes legal in America.

2303 05/01/2009 at 08:58:02 AM Self     We beseech you not to waste taxpayers' money on embryonic stem cell research. The private sector has researched a great deal and most have given it up because of repeated failures and negative results. Most have put their efforts into research on adult stem cells where great success has been recorded for treatment of several diseases and ailments.

Why would you throw more money away when there are no positive results for research on embryonic stem cells? Continued research is morally and ethically wrong!

2304 05/01/2009 at 08:58:50 AM Self     I am requesting that American tax money, which includes my tax money, not be used to fund testing on embryonic stem cells. I believe that it is unethical to use these cells. I also believe that it is unnecessary. Adult stem cells are a much better option. They have been very successful in treating many diseases without destroying innocent life. Embryonic stem cells have not treated a single disease to date despite 25 years of experimentation. I believe a better use of my tax dollars is on adult stem cells.

2305 05/01/2009 at 08:58:51 AM Self     I am against federal funding of EMBRYONIC stem cell research. Please do not allow my tax money to be used for this. Adult stem cells have already been proven to be ore successful.

2306 05/01/2009 at 08:58:54 AM Organization Labsimulation Group   1. a doctor is aggressive and will take pleasure in killing the weakest form of life 2. a doctor will inhibit disease mapping of HIV promoting the disease in a common level of society.

2307 05/01/2009 at 08:58:54 AM Self     I am highly against using embryos for stem cell research. Barbaric, inhuman and entirely against God's will. Life is sacred! Stop this practice.

2308 05/01/2009 at 08:58:59 AM Self     Using embryonic stem cells is morally reprehensible. For the living to exploit the weak and defenseless for our own gain is barbaric. The modern western scientific assertion that "if we can do something we should", is a failed premise and violates all that is sacred.

Additionally, data is being supressed which seems to indicate that using adult stem cell is just as, if not more effective, than using embryonic stem cells. Given this information, a bill passed using the NIH Human Stem Cell Guidelines would lead us down a path which ignores a potentially more effective source of stem cells.

2309 05/01/2009 at 08:59:26 AM Self     Why is this adm so willing to kill innocent life. Are they not enough stem cells avaible just from miscarrages? Please don't make us a nation that sacifices its children on the altar of the unmighty dollar.

2310 05/01/2009 at 08:59:29 AM Self     As a citizen of the United States I'd like to say that I oppose my tax dollars for use in embryonic stem cell research. Recent success using adult stem cells makes that a logical research alternative and avoids this controversial ethical conflict. I implore your serious consideration of my comments which I know mirror that of many fellow Americans. Embryonic stem cells kill what could otherwise become a valuable LIFE. No advancement could match what one individual could give the world but only if they're given the opportunity. These lives are in your hands as are my tax dollars. I respectfully request you consider my conscience in making your funding decisions.

2311 05/01/2009 at 08:59:49 AM Self     As a Registered Nurse I am for saving life when ever possible and I am against the use of any human embros for the use of stem cell research or treatments. I has been proven that adult stem cells are very effective in multiple treatments. Please make sure that embrionic stems cells are NOT used and abortions are not funded by our tax payer monies. Sincerely,





2314 05/01/2009 at 09:00:05 AM Self     Please reconsider spending tax dollars on embryonic stem cell research for the following reasons: 1. Adult stem cells have been far more successful 2. We have already killed far too many babies

2315 05/01/2009 at 09:00:13 AM       please oppose any embronic stem cell research

2316 05/01/2009 at 09:00:37 AM Self     I vigorously oppose the use of our tax dollars being spent to promote the destruction of human embryos for stem cell research! Stem cells can be taken from the umbilical cords of newly born babies with no harm to them, and have been proven to be far more effective than the ones taken from developing embryos. This legislation would offer incentives that encourage the killing of healthy embryos which could otherwise develop into future living HUMAN beings! WHY do politicians continually seek to use our tax dollars, not to "PROTECT AND DEFEND", but to "CREATE THEN DESTROY"?!

2317 05/01/2009 at 09:00:44 AM Self     The continuation of embryonic stem cell research has at this time been proven to be not only no longer nessecary but dangerous. Science has now shown how helpful our own stem cells can be and how volitale embryonic stem cells are due to the fact they may work now but have been shown to cause cancer later. Due to this arguement the destruction of life caused in the furthering of embryonic stem cell research is just a malicious "I can do whatever I want" and not what is best.

2318 05/01/2009 at 09:00:53 AM Self     Embryonic stem cell research has not resulted in any cures, while adult, embylical cord blood and other stem cells that don't require killing a human being have resulted in about 70 cures.

Please defund embryonic stem cell research.

2319 05/01/2009 at 09:01:12 AM Self     Embryonic stem cells have been studied and used for many years now. Not one success story can be attributed to them. Please put money and time into a proven life saver, adult stem cells.

2320 05/01/2009 at 09:01:33 AM Self     I believe that it is ethically and morally wrong to destroy a fertilized human embryo for the purpose of research. The guidelines set forth to implement Executive Order 13505, issued on March 9, 2009, as it pertains to extramural NIH-funded research should continue to allow for Human stem cell research using adult stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells; however, should exclude any funding for research on Human embryos derived from in vitro fertilization (IVF) for reproductive purposes even when they are no longer needed. Approving funding for research on Human embryos will only serve to increase the number of Human embryos that are derived from IVF. Put a sales tag on a test tube and and they will come! Strict guidelines should be drafted on IVF practices in order to limit the number of fertilized embryos for a couple. Every Human embryo is a person like you and me. God has a plan for that person and it is not our place to create embryos so that we can destroy them for research. Draft guidelines: Allow for funding of Human stem cell research when stem cells originate from adult Humans. Disallow any funding for Human embryonic stem cell research. Implement severe fines, penalties, and removal from practice anyone in the medical field that derives Human embryos via IVF for the purpose of selling and ultimately destroying Human embryos in the name of embryonic stem cell research.

2321 05/01/2009 at 09:01:41 AM Self     Taken from

The FDA on 1/23/09 gave a green light for a clinical trial using human embryonic stem cells to treat spinal cord injured patients. Despite all the hype this decision has generated in the media, the fact remains that embryonic stem cells lag far behind adult stem cells in treating patients for spinal cord injury – as well as dozens of other diseases and conditions.

The FDA approved trial is not designed to test the efficacy of hESCs in treating spinal cord injuries, but only as a test of the safety of transplanting such cells into the patients. This is because in numerous studies with animals, embryonic stem cells have been shown to form --often lethal -- tumors. Thus, even if the patients show no improvement from the treatment, they will still have to be monitored for the rest of their lives for the possibility of tumor formation.

In stark contrast, as documented in the peer-reviewed literature, adult stem cells have been shown to be both safe and efficacious in providing improvements to spinal cord injured patients:

A study from September 2008 by Australian researchers documented modest improvement in a spinal cord injured patient using the patient’s own adult nasal cells (“Autologous olfactory ensheathing cell transplantation in human paraplegia: a 3-year clinical trial,” Mackay-Sim A et al. Brain 131: 2376 - 2386, Sept 2008). A June 2006 clinical trial in Portugal involved 7 patients, all of whom enjoyed improvements to their condition after being treated with their own adult stem cells, including increased movement and sensation, with some patients regaining some voluntary muscle movement and some bladder function. (“Olfactory mucosa autografts in human spinal cord injury: a pilot clinical study,” Lima C et al. Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine 29, 191-203, 2006).


Appearing on Good Morning America, Sean Morrison, director of the University of Michigan Center for Stem Cell Biology, was asked by host Diane Sawyer: “What about it doctor? Do you think it could have been done with adult stem cells?” Morrison’s response:

“I don’t think there’s an adult stem cell that’s ready for use in clinical trials that could be used to do what Geron is doing with these [embryonic stem] cells. The adult stem cells don’t have same capacity to give rise to the large number of cells that Geron needs for this trial. And the reprogrammed cells that people have heard so much about still require the use of viruses that would prevent them from being used in clinical trials.”

Given that clinical trials using adult stem cells for spinal cord injury have already occurred, Morrison’s remarks make little sense. Obviously, enough adult cells were generated to conduct the two clinical trials cited above. Moreover, the Portuguese trial involved seven patients; Geron plans to test 8 to 10 patients, not a significantly greater number that would require a significantly greater amount of cells. In addition, the lead researcher for the Portuguese trials, Dr. Carlos Lima, has succeed in generating large enough numbers of adult stem cells to have treated dozens of patients worldwide for spinal cord injury, with all of them showing some therapeutic benefit (one such patient, Jacki Rabon, can be seen describing her treatment and the benefits she received from it at:

As to the reprogrammed cells, Morrison is again woefully behind on his literature reading of the actual science. Several groups have now shown that they can reduce or eliminate the viruses and some of the genes needed for reprogramming, and have shown in mice that the reprogrammed cells work as well as or better than embryonic stem cells made by destroying embryos.


So why all the fuss over a safety trial using embryonic stem cells to treat spinal cord injury when adult stem cells have already been shown to be safe and efficacious in treating spinal cord injured patients? Perhaps the answer is to be found more in money than in medicine. That’s because embryonic stem cells can be patented while a patient’s own adult stem cells cannot.

London’s National Institute for Medicine’s Dr. Geoffrey Raisman, one of the world’s leading researchers on the use of adult stem cells to treat spinal cord injured patients, notes that "this is not the most popular way of attempting to heal spinal injuries. That would be to produce patented chemicals, which drug companies can make and sell. What we're proposing could be carried out by any very modestly equipped hospital with neurosurgery. There are no patents. It makes it a very unpopular form of research…We're producing a procedure where the patient is their own cure. You can't patent a patient's own cells, thank God." (The Guardian (London) 11/30/05).

Just as drugs are patented, so can embryonic stem cells – at potentially great profit for the biotech industry. So if the long term goal is to increase profitability by obtaining patents for the complex procedures that reduce the safety risks and produce usable embryonic stem cell-derived treatments that are also patentable, then the development of such treatments may present a more desirable goal for the biotech industry. But if the goal is to put patients, not patents, first, and provide near term benefits but at lesser long term profits, then adult stem cells are, from a therapeutic perspective, clearly preferable.

2322 05/01/2009 at 09:02:05 AM Self     I am opposed to embryonic stem cell research when the cells come from an aborted child.


2324 05/01/2009 at 09:02:58 AM Self     Kind Sirs, Please do not use my tax dollars to fund the unethical practice of Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Not only is it unethical but what what I have read use of Adult Stem Cells has shown greater promise with far fewer undesired outcomes.

2325 05/01/2009 at 09:03:10 AM Self     It is wrong to finance embryonic stem cell research with our tax dollars. Even if one believes embryos are worthy subjects for experimentation (in our own Brave New World), there is still no compulsion for tax dollars to cover the expense of killing the tiniest children.

I would heartily support funding adult stem cell research, on the other hand, and that is where the future lies. That point was recently made on Oprah by Dr. M. Oz, as Michael Fox was sitting nearby, an astounding setting for such a bold claim. Dr. Oz said, "The stem cell debate is over." Why is it that NIH doesn't get it?

Most sincerely,

2326 05/01/2009 at 09:03:37 AM Self     I firmly and strongly oppose the use of Federal funds for research on human embryonic stem cells.

2327 05/01/2009 at 09:03:51 AM Self     I have seen countless emails and reports on how adult stem cells are making headway toward finding cures for diseases and how embryonic cells are not. Please stop using embryos (killing babies)for something that is not working.

2328 05/01/2009 at 09:04:33 AM Self     Realize that if you allow the free experimentation on embryos it is only a short distance to developing embryos for organ donors. It may seem far fetched now but no one ever dreamed that partial birth abortion would be allowed and even defended in a civilized society. Adult stem cells show far more promise and without the ethical quaqmire associated with embryos. Please follow the science and focus on adult stem cells and guard the value of every person.

2329 05/01/2009 at 09:04:45 AM Self     stop playing God with human embryoes

2330 05/01/2009 at 09:04:52 AM Self     Why are we wasting taxpayer $$$$$$ on embryonic stem cells when researchers have already determined that they are unreliable & indeed, inferior to adult stem cells. It seems like it's pouring money down a rat hole. Why not direct the money to adult stem cells which are proving predictable & effective?

In addition, we have many childless couples who would dearly love to "adopt" the embryos left over from "in vitro" fertilization. Why destroy them in the name of research that is a waste of taxpayers money???

Thank you.

2331 05/01/2009 at 09:04:53 AM Self     I completely oppose the use of federal funds for research on human embryonic stem cells. Adult stems cells show much more promising results, and I can't understand the blind rush to promote & push the use of embryonic stem cells. It shows a wise counsel that looks at all options and makes a wise decision, rather than only listening to a minority opinion with a personal agenda.

2332 05/01/2009 at 09:04:54 AM Self     Human Embryonic Stem Cells Derived from Human Embryos that were created for reproductive purposes invlove the destruction of a human life (that WAS the reproductive purpose). Since a valuable human life was lost, the definition of "responsible, scientifically worthy" for the Human Embryonic research becomes very important in section II.A This definition should be explicitly given in the guidelines and not left to debate. Until the definition is publicly agreed upon, these guidlines should not be put into practice.

2333 05/01/2009 at 09:05:27 AM Self     I oppose stem cell research.

2334 05/01/2009 at 09:05:44 AM       I oppose use of federal funds for research on human embryonic stem cells.

Use the funds to research adult stem cells. Something that actually works, instead of a waste of money on embryonic stems cells that DO NOT WORK.

2335 05/01/2009 at 09:05:56 AM Self     I strongly oppose the use of federal funds for research on human embryonic stem cells. We have first hand experience that the adoption of these human embryos is a precious and wonderful thing. Our funds need to go towards promoting adoption of human embryos, not destruction and death through research!

2336 05/01/2009 at 09:05:57 AM Self     We plead with you to stop embryonic stem cell research. The moral issue is big enough to consider when in fact a life is being snuffed out, but further evidence proves that adult stem cell research is very beneficial. Adult stem cells currently have provided treatment for over 70 diseases. Embryonic stem cell research has not successfully treated even one disease although studies have been ongoing for 25 years. Barrack Obama said it is a moral issue. Please do not allow the exploitation of the defenseless. Stop embryonic stem cell research.

2337 05/01/2009 at 09:05:59 AM Self     There are now many other sources for stem cells. When we create a demand for embryonic stem cells, the supply pressure is increased and many of the cells will be harvested from living embryos. It shouldn't happen. Stop it before it starts by continuing this important research with other sources.

2338 05/01/2009 at 09:06:09 AM Self     Please stop murdering children and calling it another name. Even I, who am NOT a scientist knows that the body rejects what doesn't belong there. After 25 years someone should have figured out it doesn't work. Embryonic stem cell research does nothing for anyone (except keep the liars in money)--it only murders children and after more than 50 million we do have enough blood on our hands. Hitler ain't got nothing on America. America-we used to defend the defenseless-now we just kill em.

2339 05/01/2009 at 09:06:15 AM Self     Hi, Please don't use our tax dollars to fund human embryonic stem cell research. Adult stem cells have actually provided us with cures of diseases and embryonic cells have not yeilded one cure. Please use some common sense on this issue. Thanks for your time.

2340 05/01/2009 at 09:06:26 AM Self     The embryo at this point is obviously not a part of the mother's body. (It never is, seeing that the DNA is different.) Since this is a separate entity, and since it is human, the taking of the life of the embryo is murder, and should be prosecuted under the law. Human embryos are human lives, and should be protected, not killed.

2341 05/01/2009 at 09:06:35 AM Self     There is more than sufficient evidence to support the use of adult stem cells. In fact, no evidence yet supports the efficacy of embryonic stem cells.

2342 05/01/2009 at 09:06:45 AM Self     I strongly disagree with federal tax money being spent to destroy living human embryos for stem cell research. I feel that killing human embryos is inhuman and inhumane and that it threatens the quality of life in the United States.

2343 05/01/2009 at 09:06:58 AM Self     There is still, NO evidence that embryonic stem cells collected from human sources are actually working. A move toward Adult stem cells, which has a proven record, is the way to proceed. DO NOT waste Tax payer money on failure!

2344 05/01/2009 at 09:07:02 AM Self     I am very disappointed in the direction President Obama is leading the country in the areas of stem cell research. I am amoung the majority of people who believe killing an unborn child for any reason is taking an innocent life. Turning around and trying to justify that murder by using those stem cells (with the false hope that someone else will be helped) does not make it right. It is especially upsetting that our tax dollars will be used to fund this research. Even though you may not agree with us that abortion is murder please at least respect us enough to not force us to finacially lend our support to this evil. Thank you for your time and consideration.

2345 05/01/2009 at 09:07:11 AM Self     I want to go on record opposing the use of federal funds for research on human embryonic stem cells. What people or corporations want to do with their private monies is one thing, but to use our government tax dollars to encourage the "disposal" of human lives is another. Please let the private sector decide if this kind of research is really worth putting money.

2346 05/01/2009 at 09:07:38 AM Self     I believe that life begins in conception and that experimentation on those already conceived is tantamount to murder. Please do not proceed with using embryos. Other cells have had increasingly positive results and should be explored instead. Thank you

2347 05/01/2009 at 09:07:54 AM Self     Please don't kill babies to obtain embryonic stem sells. Adult stem cells work and so far embryonic stem cells don't. It is not right that a baby has to die for me to live.

Now that we can make embryonic stem cells from adult skins cells, you can use those to experiment on, without harming any human beings (preborn or not).

Thank You for reading this and considering my concerns,

2348 05/01/2009 at 09:08:17 AM Self     I oppose the use of federal funds for research on human embryonic stem cells.

2349 05/01/2009 at 09:08:22 AM Self     Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please accept and carefully listen to those of us who cherish life as it is given us by our Creator. I am adamantly opposed to the recent lifting of the ban that had been in place restricting use of embryonic stem cell research. Please listen to my vote. I care, I truly care about these little ones that many will not accept as "human". Further, the success of adult stem cell research has been more encouraging than that of embryonic research success in many areas. Let's please give that the major thrust before simply making a cultural decision for the embryonic approach.

I thank you for the opportunity to provide my appeal and I pray for your decision in valuing the desires of the One who created you and I.

Thank you so much...

2350 05/01/2009 at 09:08:23 AM Self     My hope is that you will not use any more stem cells from embryos in research, instead using your time and talent in research on adult and pluripotent stem cells where there already has been much success. Using embryonic stem cells devalues human life rather than enhancing it. If the goal in research is to help humanity, then the further development of the success with adult and pluripotent stem cells would be the way to go.

2351 05/01/2009 at 09:08:45 AM Self     I am vehemently opposed to the idea of tax dollars being used for stem cell research on human embryos. These embryos, if allowed to develop, would be viable persons, children, in fact, who can be adopted by couples who are anxious to have families. Adult stem cell research is making tremendous advances in the field of preventative and curative properties for diseases. The floodgates of funding embryonic stem cell research, which creates an incentive to create and destroy more human embryos, should not be opened any further than it already is.

2352 05/01/2009 at 09:09:09 AM Self     I oppose the Obama Embryonic Stem Cell Plan.

2353 05/01/2009 at 09:09:18 AM Self     If we can call an embryo "human" then it represents a human being. I object to President Obama's exectutive order on March 9, 2009 which allows the NIH to draft guidelines for distributing funds for human embryonic stem cell research. I do not wish for my tax dollars to support any type of embryonic stem cell reseach.

I would support adoption of human embryos or adult stem cell reseach. Both promote life & last I checked we were a country that believed in the pursuit of LIFE! I wish to object to any guidelines which allow for federal funding of research on human embryonic stem cells. In our pursuit of cures, adult stem cells have produced many positive solutions for promoting life. Embroynic stem cells have produced nothing. Stop wasting our taxpayer dollars on useless pursuits.

2354 05/01/2009 at 09:09:24 AM Self     To Whom it may concern:

I do not want any of my tax dollars to fund human stem cell research on cells taken from embryos. Adult stem cells have a proven track record of working. This is a total waste of time and money.

2355 05/01/2009 at 09:09:49 AM Self     It is our belief that human embrios are life itself, and as such should be treated with appropriate dignity. Destroying such is murder in the eyes of God, and that is sufficient for us to decry such a practice. Those who pursue or condone such action will ultimately be required to answer to God Himself, irregardless of the acceptance of those encouraging such procedures as the currently politically correct route to be pursued.

2356 05/01/2009 at 09:09:51 AM Self     We are strongly opposed to the use of public funds to initiate further research on the use of embyonic tissue for stem cell research. The wealth of evidence shows that adult stem cells can result in major health benefits and new research every day proves the value of funding additional research in that arena. We urge you to seriously consider the benefit of research in a direction leading to preservation of life as opposed to destruction of life.

2357 05/01/2009 at 09:09:51 AM Self     I strongly oppose the use of human embryonic stem cell research based on the fact that there have been zero health benefits to date using embryonic cells. Furthermore, there have been scores of positive results using adult stem cells which take no human life. We are no better than Nazis by taking the lives of humans for medical research.

2358 05/01/2009 at 09:10:18 AM Self     The medical moral guidelines for saving a patient needing any organ transplants, is that it should come from a donor who is terminally ill and brain dead. Why? Because it is not morally right to take a life in order to save another's life. Why? Because all humans, whatever their status have the intrinsic right to life.

Thus it is not morally correct to kill even a murderer and take his organs to transplant to any person even if he is an important dignitary or the "person is going to die anyway" unless he specifically consents to it.

Similarly, human embryos as opposed to human unfertilized eggs & sperms, when left to develop normally proves itself separate from the mother's cell tissue. To kill an embryo to obtain its cell linings for research is similar to the above example. Why destroy any human embryos when cures to diseases have been found with stem cells which does not kill a human life to save a human life.

2359 05/01/2009 at 09:10:22 AM Self     I oppose the use of embryonic stem cells. It is an excuse for abortionists to continue their horrible deeds. Research shows adult stem cells have been productive in medical advances; embryonic have not!

2360 05/01/2009 at 09:10:37 AM Self     I am opposed to embryonic stem cell research. There is too much cheating toward the "bottom line" profit to open this door. "DO NO HARM" applies, especially in the case where the one(emphatic) cannot speak for himself.

2361 05/01/2009 at 09:10:52 AM Self     I find it troubling that the US Government will destroy viable embryos to further scientific discovery. There is growing evidence that adult stem cells are providing therapeudic relief for a number of human disorders. The most recent case from Israel of a child treated with embryonic stems cells show his body riddled with tumors. Let's fund ethical research which does not destroy a human life to try to help human health. The viable embryos should be put up for adoption for people want children.

2362 05/01/2009 at 09:10:54 AM Self     On March 9, 2009 President Barack Obama issued an executive order that overturned President Bush's policy and opened the floodgates for funding more embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) that creates an incentive to create and destroy human embryos. President Obama designated the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to draft guidelines for distributing funds for this research. Last week, April 23, NIH officially posted draft guidelines to open federal funding for research on human embryonic stem cells. What these guidelines do is send our tax dollars to experiment on stem cells taken from human embryos that supposedly are "leftover" from in vitro fertilization. Instead of promoting the adoption of these human embryos, these draft guidelines would require their death. We are adamantly opposed to the use of federal funds for research on human embryonic stem cells. In addition to the moral turpitude of these aborticides, it's bad enough that the scientific sector is wasting private funds doing this since embryonic stem cell research is not working anyway. These would-be cloners are just after the federal dollars. Instead, let these funds be expended on the proven science of adult stem cell research. Honesty in government may not bring the president those big campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood, the big pharmaceutical companies and the like, but it's good for the country. Of course, that's third to last in his priorities, as he is proving over and over. This is just another example. We are watching and praying, and this is our protest and our petition.

2363 05/01/2009 at 09:10:57 AM Self     I strongly object to my tax dollars being used in destruction of embryonic stem cells on moral grounds. "You shall not murder." Exodus 20:13

2364 05/01/2009 at 09:11:13 AM Self     President Barack Obama was wrong when he opened the floodgates for funding more embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) that creates an incentive to create and destroy human embryos. President Obama has no right to play God. These embryos are human beings. I do not want my tax dollars to be used in the experimentation of human embryos. God is not happy that people have turned from him and feel they can play god by creating the destroying human embryos.

2365 05/01/2009 at 09:11:59 AM Self     Having reviewed the new proposed guidelines, I want to register my strong opposition. An example of the language which fuels my opposition follows:

Please note that, for NIH funded research using the permitted human embryonic stem cells, the requirements of the Department's protection of human subjects regulations, 45 CFR part 46, may or may not apply, depending on the nature of the research. It would seem that the word research justifies any and all activities, and according to this language, it certainly trumps human rights.

Furthermore, offering the following statements does nothing to assure that moral and ethical decisions will be made, for that is not the natural bent of mankind:

a. A statement that donation of the embryos for research was voluntary; b. A statement that donor(s) understood alternative options pertaining to use of the embryos; c. A statement that the embryos would be used to derive human embryonic stem cells for research; d. Information about what would happen to the embryos in the derivation of human embryonic stem cells for research;

When there is always a shortage of babies available for adoption, and potential human embryos are destroyed for research, we are not serving the needs of families and individuals by destroying those resources in the name of research. It is enough of an atrocious crime that millions of unwanted babies are murdered through abortion. Let us not press our standards as a nation even lower in devaluing all human life.

2366 05/01/2009 at 09:12:10 AM Self     Regarding the Draft NIH Human Stem Cell Guidelines, as announced in the April 23, 2009 Federal Register Notice, I just wanted to make it known that I do not approve of President Barak Obama's overturning of President Bush's executive order which had halted research on embryionic stem cells, if they were created after 2001. President Bush's policy erected a wall and did not encourage the further killing of human embryos for their cells. I DO NOT want MY tax dollars used to research human embryionic stem cells.

2367 05/01/2009 at 09:12:31 AM Self     It is illogical and scientifically unfounded to continue to pursue more embryonic stem cell lines for research purposes. 22 lines of ESC have been available for research under federal grants and yet not one viable cure has been had. Unrestricted ESC has also been available to and performed in the private sector and still no cures. The NIH and the federal government have no business authorizing the destruction of more human life using the American peoples' money. Respectfully submitted,

2368 05/01/2009 at 09:12:32 AM Self     I oppose the use of federal funds for research on humanm embryonic stem cells.

2369 05/01/2009 at 09:12:35 AM Self     I would ask that you oppose the use of federal funds for embryonic research. Adult stem cell research has proven successful and promising. Embryonic stem cell has proven to be a failure.

2370 05/01/2009 at 09:12:38 AM Self     concerning embryonic stem cell resarch: why are we spending funds on research that: 1: doesn't work, has had no sucesses.

2:when adult stem cell has wonderful results/ sucesses.

2371 05/01/2009 at 09:12:38 AM Self     Expermenting on embroyic stem cells is killing a human being. Lets say this was a embroy of a dog, them it would be illegal. You charish animals more then human life. STOP the killing of babies.

2372 05/01/2009 at 09:12:44 AM Self     I oppose the use of federal funds for research on human embryonic stem cells. This is simply unethical and wrong. I am extremely concerned about the moral decay that is escalating in our country!

2373 05/01/2009 at 09:12:51 AM Self     Destroying these embryos is absolutely wrong!!! Please pray to the living God and reconsider this!

2374 05/01/2009 at 09:13:15 AM Self     I strongly oppose the use of Federal funds for embryonic stem cell research. Using stem cells from embryos only result in a loss of life. Embryonic stem cells have also been proven to cause cancer. No success has been achieved by using embryonic stem cells. Adult stems cells are the lone source of potential healing. And they have already been proven so. Please do not waste my money on a dead-end science project.

2375 05/01/2009 at 09:13:15 AM Self     I do not want my tax dollars to pay for the destruction of human embryos so that their stem cells can be used for research.

2376 05/01/2009 at 09:13:17 AM Self     1. Existing science shows that sources other than embryonic stem cells provide real potential for therapeutic uses and viable research.

2. Existing science shows that embryonic stem cell therapies are a dark hole into which money is thrown because of the problems with anomalous results.

3. Setting aside religious considerations, it is still possible to evaluate right and wrong, and to reject wrong. Nazi experimentation, such as high altitude exposure, may have produced useful information, but the morality of the methodology condemned the protocol and the researchers. ESCR is immoral because it denies the dignity and humanity of a distinct, separate, existing human life, and makes meat market material out of the mortal remains thereof.

2377 05/01/2009 at 09:13:24 AM Self     No embyonic stem cell research is worth it. If Obama's viewpoint is that our values must remain intact while making progress (such as the release of the gitmo prisoners) then stop and consider that our value towards our own american lives are as sacred as well. what an insult to think that scientists can't come up with a better way than to use infants as experiments.

2378 05/01/2009 at 09:13:25 AM Self     I think it is abhorrent to conduct experiments that kill human beings. That is what ESCR does. Without a doubt science declares that life begins at conception. You are forcing me to help pay for the killing of innocent human life. And you are taking away funding from ETHICAL adult stem cell, that is currently treating over 70 diseases.

There is nothing to prevent private funding of ESCR. If it is such a promising (instead of tumor causing) method, let private money fund it.

2379 05/01/2009 at 09:13:39 AM Self     I personally feel that the existing human embryonic stem cell lines are enough for research to continue on those type of lines. I feel that more successful research is actually being conducted using adult stem cells, so it is not necessary to use "discarded" or "leftover" embryos to conduct stem cell research. Please consider your decision very carefully.

2380 05/01/2009 at 09:13:42 AM Self     There is no data to support the successful use of Embryos for Stem Cell Research. However the use of Adult Stem Cells, has been useful in treating several diseases. Why then do we need to exterminate potentially productive future adults needlessly? I, and many other people I know, are strongly opposed to this procedure. Life begins in the womb upon conception, there is no reason, scientifically or otherwise that people should have the right to take that life for their own causes. Someday our leaders will have to answer for making these immoral decisions which violate the right for life. If we don't have the right to live, what do we have??

2381 05/01/2009 at 09:14:04 AM Self     Collection of this information is authorized under 5 U.S.C. 301; 44 U.S.C. 3101. The primary use of this form is to collect public comments on the draft NIH Human Stem Cell Guidelines. NIH will consider all comments. This information will be used by staff of the NIH, its contractors and others, for the purpose of reviewing, collating or analyzing the comments in developing final NIH Stem Cell Guidelines. Submission of this information is voluntary. By providing comments, you are consenting to their consideration and use by the NIH. All comments received before the close of the comment period, including those containing personally identifiable or confidential business information, will be made available at after May 26, 2009. This includes the name and affiliation of those submitting comments (if provided). NIH will not post comments that are not related to the draft Stem Cell Guidelines or that NIH has determined as inappropriate or offensive.

2382 05/01/2009 at 09:14:09 AM Self     I am personally opposed to the use of embryonic stem cells for research, and I resent that my hard earned tax dollars will be used to kill innocent life. Studies have shown there has been no significant success from using the embryonic stem cells, whereas the use of adult stem cells (where no life is lost) has garnered much success. I have also learned that stem cells can be retrieved from the placenta, which also would not harm human life. In a great country such as ours, it is dispicable that the most vulnerable are slaughtered in the name of science. Please do not allow embryonic stem cell research.

2383 05/01/2009 at 09:14:48 AM Self     It is morally reprensible to use the stem cells of aborted fetuses for research. Adult stem cells are showing more promise and no life was taken in order for research to take place.

2384 05/01/2009 at 09:15:37 AM Self     I do not understand why this administration is so passionate about ending human life. They know a life has to end each time embryonic stem cells are harvested, and for what good? It is common knowledge that adult stem cells have been used in many occasions to cure tremendous ailments, and that embryonic stem cells have achieved zero. They should not be permitted to be killed, much less force us to pay to have them killed!

2385 05/01/2009 at 09:15:39 AM Self     I am deeply disturbed that Human Stem Cell research beleives that it is necessary to use embryonic instead of adult stem cells. This is potentially killing human life when it is not necessary. Who decides or really knows when life truly begins? Scientist really should not be trying to play God and our government should not be using our tax dollars on such an extreme issue

2386 05/01/2009 at 09:15:48 AM Self     I encourage research using adult stem cells. It is my understanding that currently over 70 diseases are treatable due to research with adult stem cells.

I am greatly concerned with the morality of embryonic stem cell research and encourage a stronger focus and funding of adult stem cell research.

Thank you.

2387 05/01/2009 at 09:15:49 AM Self     President Bush's policy was to allow funding for research that involved embryonic stem cells taken from human embryos so long as the cells were obtained on or prior to August 9, 2001. Since then, the government has funded research on over 22 stem cell lines. President Bush's policy erected a wall and did not encourage the further killing of human embryos for their cells.

However, on March 9, 2009 President Barack Obama issued an executive order that overturned President Bush's policy and opened the floodgates for funding more embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) that creates an incentive to create and destroy human embryos. Last week, April 23, NIH officially posted draft guidelines to open federal funding for research on human embryonic stem cells. What these guidelines do is send tax dollars to experiment on stem cells taken from human embryos that supposedly are "leftover" from in vitro fertilization. Instead of promoting the adoption of these human embryos, these draft guidelines would require their death.

I implore this organization to not promote the further destruction of nascent human life, especially when treatments derived from adult stem cells are currently so much more promising. From a purely economic and scientific standpoint it makes the most sense to spend money on research that offers the greatest likelihood for success; from an ethical standpoint it is simply wrong to force American taxpayers to support the destruction of human life in exchange for the promise of miracle cures that have yet to be realized.

I thank you for making this forum available.

2388 05/01/2009 at 09:16:11 AM Self     Please retain the guidelines for embryonic research as set forth by President Bush previously. Thank you sincerely.

2389 05/01/2009 at 09:16:15 AM Self     I am opposed to the Obama Embryonic Stem Cell Regulations.

2390 05/01/2009 at 09:16:17 AM Self     I plead with the NIH to not federally fund the usage of embryonic stem cell research. All the data and testominies I am reading and have been researching point to the high success rate of adult stem cell research and usage. Please, consider the high risk of principle in further research and funding for embryonic stem cells and rather direct the funds toward further developments and cures through adult stem cell research. The reports are staggering in comparision between the two. I know you are looking to help but let your focus be on what is already working and not what could possibly work. Thank you for your consideration.

2391 05/01/2009 at 09:16:35 AM Self     Please do not continue to focus on the non-viable use of embryonic stem cell research which not only has yielded no useful results but has additionally proven dangerous to patients. Further, and of much greater importance, embryonic stem cell research and therapy results in the killing of a human being (the embryo.)

I would ask that you focus, instead, on the morally acceptable and much more successful field on adult stem cell research and treatment.

2392 05/01/2009 at 09:16:39 AM Self     I am completely opposed to the use of embryonic cells for stem cell research, especially since so much progress has been made using adult cells. I am completely opposed to the use of my tax money for research requiring the killing of embyros for such research. As the wife of a Type I diabetic, I can truthfully tell you that he has said he will live -- and die -- with the disease before he will accept the killing of innocent embryonic humans to help find a cure for his disease. I agree with him: no humans should be killed in order to treat others. That is death camp medical practice.

2393 05/01/2009 at 09:16:43 AM Self     Our Declaration of Independence speaks of the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.. Science has proven that the embryo has distinct DNA from the carrier (pregnant woman). Our conscience is troubled and damaged when we destroy embryos in order to improve, extend or even save lives. There is abundant evidence to suggest the use of unbimlical cord and adult stem cells are far superior as research devices. Nazi Germany started down this road of research on the least desirables amongst us (e.g., Genetic experimentation promoted in the USA by Margaret Sanger during the 1920s. Then, we got the holocaust, which took away millions of precious lives. WE SHOULD NOT PUT OURSELVES IN THE PLACE OF GOD WHO SAID: "BEFORE I FORMED YOU IN THE WOMB, I KNEW YOU." JEREMIAH CHAPTER ONE, VERSE FIVE FROM THE BIBLE.

2394 05/01/2009 at 09:16:59 AM Self     No new lines of embryonic stem cells should be established, because it is not possible to do that without destroying the embryos from which the cells come, and this destruction involves the destruction of human life. It is not considered ethical to commit murder in order to obtain cadavers for medical students; therefore, it is not ethical to kill infants, no matter how small, in the name of research.

2395 05/01/2009 at 09:17:13 AM Self     The idea of destroying embryos in the name of "science" is monstrous. Have we learned nothing from the last century from those who are willing to eliminate "life unworthy of life"? There have been far better results studying stem cells that were obtained without the need for destroying innocent life - adult stem cells, cord blood embryonic stem cells, and induced pluripotent stem cells. Please rethink this. There are thousands of infertile couples who would gladly adopt these supposedly "leftover" embryos and give them a chance at life. Thank you.

2396 05/01/2009 at 09:17:15 AM Self     I am oppossed to the use of tax money for embrionic stem cell research. The use of adult stem cells has proven in multiple examples to be a successful and ethical approach to stem cell research. A number of seuccessful treatments have already been developed and applied using adult stem cells. No treatments have been developed using embrionic stem cells. The continued push to fund embrioonic stem cell research with tax payer money is wrong and unethical. It is a politically based approach that just encourages bad science. Please do not proceed with this plan.

2397 05/01/2009 at 09:17:24 AM Self     Embryonic Stem Cell research is a waste of resources. Money, time, and talent will be wasted on dead end research.

Research should be focused more on Adult stem cell research which has proven to be successful in treating many diseases already.

2398 05/01/2009 at 09:17:46 AM Self     Dear Sir: I am totally opposed to President Obama's overturning of Pres. Bush's directive to only use existing stem cell lines. This will open up a flood of new embryos being purposely destroyed which does kill potential life. Also, recent studies have shown that adult stem cells are much more useful and effective in combating disease. So, the embryonic approach appears to be pointless anyway. Thank you.


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