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Cell Line: Elf4
NIH Registration Number: 0398
NIH Approval Number: NIHhESC-18-0398
Available for Distribution: Yes
Provider Restrictions: • Implanting a chimeric embryo containing non-human cells, including ESC, into a human uterus; • Implanting a chimeric embryo containing HESC into a nonhuman primate uterus and allowing the resulting pregnancy to progress to the point of independent viability; • Breeding of a chimeric animal having HESC that were introduced during any stage of the animal’s embryonic or fetal development; • Breeding of a chimeric animal having HESC where there is a reasonable possibility that human genetic material could be incorporated into the animal’s germ cells; • Using federal funds to engage in ineligible HESC research; or • Engaging in HESC research in a manner that is contrary to any applicable federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations.

NIH Restrictions: (No Additional Restrictions)
Additional Information: Elf4 is a naïve hESC line.

Submitting Organization: University of Washington
Provider Name: Carol Ware
Provider Phone: (206) 616-5143
Provider Email:
Provider URL:  
Approval Date: 05/09/2018

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